Happy Memorial Day

I'm proud to be an American
Where at least I know I'm free
And I won't forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me

To the men and women who have sacrifice their lives, who are currently serving, and to those who's journey starts tomorrow,
Thank you.


Planet ORNG

The Phoenix Suns lost the Western Conference Finals tonight, 4-2, against Los Angeles. The strength, determination, and endurance the Arizona guys showed during the past few weeks has not only won the hearts of many adoring fans over again, but it's been nothing short of inspirational and motivating.

To the guys who rule Planet ORNG, thank you for a fabulous end to a phenomenal season.
Your biggest fan,



Hooray we made it to Friday!

Our week was snail paced and quiet. I spent quite a bit of time this week with my favorite creative outlets; paper, baking, and organization. I designed and assembled wedding invitations, created a wedding cake sample menu, and finished organizing the Missi & Martha Matter. I also spent time gathering ideas for R's 6th birthday party and of course, watching the Suns take on the LA Losers in the Western Conference Finals.

God bless my incredible boyfriend, Steve, who managed to tie the play off series {up until last night} half blind and with a self adjusted broken nose. He's proved to the world that not only is he a phenomenal player, but he can do his job well with half a face. His perseverance and dedication are nothing short of inspiring. Big foam finger waves to Nashty, J. Rich, Hill, Amar'e, and all the boys for a heart stopping game 5 last night in LA. You've given us hope that we can win this series, even on their court. Welcome to Planet Orange, LA!

For Game 5 highlights, click here. Catch Game 6 {in Phoenix} on TNT tomorrow night at 5:30pm MST.

Between Steve and all of the brides-to-be that surround me, I was inspired to toss around the idea of a custom creative wedding detail company, perhaps calling it "Green Apple Designs". I seem to be surrounded by wedding bells these days between the three or four brides I frequently spend time with and that Shane Company spokesman who frequently advertises on my chosen radio station and it's all got me thinking...

There are stores that will attire your entire bridal party and dress makers sell hundreds of the same design, venues have menus of options, but they won't change their carpeting or wallpaper to suit your style, caterers probably serve up thousands of chicken dinners during prime wedding season, and a lily is still a lily no matter where it is or who is admiring it. A wedding should be more than just a pick-and-choose-from-these-set-options affair. It should be personalized to suit the taste and style of each couple merging their lives.

Wedding Invitation "Cancun" by Green Apple Design

Personalizing a wedding can easily come from the invitations, the table centerpieces, and the cake. When I have a thousand and two ideas in my head just floating around up there, why not bring them to life where they will be appreciated? I'm gonna give this some more thought over the next few weeks, in the meantime, if you have any ideas for me ~ send 'em my way and someone give Martha a head's up!

Cheers to a creative n' crafty three day weekend! Happy Memorial Day!


Sunday Brunch

Seattle had a visit from me & B this past February and if nothing else, we left FULL. There are probably a million reasons why coastal living is fabulous, but I assume that the smell of the air and having fresh seafood handy are in the top five. I was searching through my celly telly the other day when I came across a photo I snapped of our room service breakfast. Here's the recipe with a Missi twist. From my table to yours...

Market Crab Benedict

Prepared hollandaise sauce (from scratch or Knorr's packet)
English muffins
1 tbsp butter
Splash of olive oil
3 green onions, finely chopped
5.5oz crab meat (half a crab)
6 eggs
1 avocado, sliced
Cayenne pepper

In a frying pan, melt the butter and add the olive oil. Briefly saute the onions. Add the shelled crab meat and continue to saute until warm and butter is bubbling. Remove from heat and divide into six portions.

Lightly toast 3 English muffins (six halves)

Poach the eggs

On a plate, place two halves of toasted english muffin. Layer: crab, green onion, avocado slices, egg, and sauce. Lightly sprinkle with cayenne pepper and serve warm.

This recipe was adapted from Hub Pages.

I prefer fresh crab, but living in the desert, it's not always available and canned crab meat will make a good substitute. Either way, tasting Seattle isn't further than my own kitchen. I can't wait for Sunday, can you?


Case of the Mondays

Hooray for a pleasant weekend! Saturday was spent with my favorite July bride and later, taking in a million WTF moments per minute in Scottsdale. This is what I get for volunteering to DD, although happily so because waking up on Sunday was awesome and I could run my errands without headache. I'm so excited about River's birthday present {one of Sunday's errands}. I can't wait for NEXT Sunday!

It may be Monday, but it's a good day ~ I have my babies back!

E and I chatted for a bit when she got home. She told me she was sorry and I helped her to understand that we don't say things like that. I made sure she understood that if she continued to talk like that, someone could take her and R and A away from me forever. That made her sad, so we made a deal. I promised to never ever hurt her {obviously} and she promised to never ever {falsely} say that I did, no matter how mad we were. Then we all ate tacos because tacos make everything better.

In the week's news: It's the last week of school! Hooray! Which reminds me, I need to register my kids at the Y for summer camp before it's too late. Eek! Cheers to a fabulous week!

To teachers everywhere ~
THANK YOU for sharing the incredible gift of education, for leading by example, and for instilling a love of learning in little souls everywhere. You are appreciated.

To my Sisterface, C ~
Happy Quarter Century Birthday!


TGIF{E} Update

Just an update from yesterday...

I got a phone call last night from R, who just wanted his mommy. This made my Friday Eve! We talked about school and recess and his favorite part of the day {which was calling mommy}. When we were finished, I spoke with E. After a round of basic questions; her day was good, her favorite part was popcorn, and she wanted me to pick her up from school on Friday, I asked her why she was so upset the day before. She didn't know, which doesn't surprise me, but we agreed to talk about it further over froyo on Sunday. A, in true A fashion, had a good day at school and her favorite part was calling mommy and then she was done. I love you's, I miss you's, and see you on Sunday's in order, I let them get back to their time with dad. After a worry filled 24 hours, one phone call made everything better.

Tonight, Vampire Bakery preheats at 9:00p for the First Queen of the Damned Kitchen Bake Off! Okay, so my partner in crime, Count Bakeula, isn't going to love the name, but it's my blog. Neener :P Since I love lemons so much, I'll be baking with quite a few of them later this evening and I'm very excited to for that sugar high to hit about 2:45am. It should all be Love At First Bite.
Still awaiting Sunday, but at least now for now, it's a happier wait.Cheers to the weekend!



TGIFE and anxiously awaiting Sunday.

The week was fine until the 5 o'clock hour rang last night. It's been 17.5 hours of torture and counting ever since. Wondering if my baby is okay, wondering why she said what she did, wondering what's happening in her life that I've been blind to. I'm not eating or sleeping well and it's because I'm suffering that kind of heartache only a parent could suffer caused by the mouth of her child. This is why Sunday needs to rapidly approach. I need to see her, I need to talk to her, I need to hug her, I need to understand why and what happened and she needs to understand the repercussions of what she said and why it's not okay.

Until then, I've been doing my best to keep my mind from wandering too far from what's happening in "the now" by keeping overly busy with work, cleaning, laundry, and baking. One wrong dull moment and I could melt down. The kind words of encouragement and sympathy flooding in from every parent I know are all more than helpful in getting me through the weekend. However, when it boils down, I still just want to hug my baby girl and make everything okay again.

It doesn't help that her words sent her father into an angry fit against me. I'm never shocked to see him act like that, but it always surprises me to see him so easily manipulated, especially by a seven year old. If anyone is wrapped around anyone's finger here, it's him around hers and she knows it. Should he choose to believe our seven year old over the adult who birthed her, without having witnessed any wrong doing or having any evidence to his case, then there is something wrong with his thought process. I understand that every parent would like to believe that their child is perfect, but reality is, no one, over age 4, is perfect.

Kids learn how far they can stretch the truth and who will let them get away with it a lot earlier than you would expect. At six years old, E started lying. I'd catch her and she'd have consequences, but I wonder if this happens with her father or if he simply overlooks it and allows her to get away with it. Just this past semester, she lied to her teacher for four months to avoid P.E. Obviously, she's more than capable of making up a story and sticking to it ~ for months at a time. I just worry about her, about our relationship and I question my parenting and my ability to do this crazy job. Which is all normal, I'm sure, I just don't remember signing up for this part.

For my sake, I hope the weekend flies by and life returns to normal by bedtime Sunday night. For your sake, I hope the weekend cruises along like normal bringing a perfect close on Sunday night.

Sunday Brunch

It's the second posting of Sunday Brunch on Green Apples and I'm still excited! First, let me announce that I don't like chunks of fruit in my yogurt, nuts in my banana bread, or vegetables in my eggs. I like things plain, simple, fresh and easy and no one knows these characteristics like the Asians. We're always coming up with some new contraption to make living more uh, comfortable {Google "Noodle Hair Guard" and you'll see what I mean}. On a more useful note, Asian cooking couldn't be simpler: veggies, wok, oil, heat + rice = meal. With this recipe, a delicious dish is created by combining just two tomatoes and 10 egg whites. Simply delicious. From my table to yours...

Chinese Egg Whites with Tomatoes

2 tbsp plus 1/2 tsp vegetable oil
2 large tomatoes, sliced
10 large egg whites
1 1/2 tsp coarse salt
1/4 tsp white pepper

Heat a wok over high heat, then add 1/2 tsp of oil. When the oil is hot, add the tomato slices. Quickly stir for 1 minute. Immediately remove the tomato slices to a plate and set aside. Wash the wok thoroughly.

In a medium bowl, whisk the egg whites with 1 tsp salt until foamy.

Return the wok to high heat and add the remaining 2 tbsp of oil. When the oil is hot, scoop up some of it with a wok utensil or a large spoon; hold this oil over the wok. With your fre hand, pour the egg whites into the wok and immediately pour the hot oil directly over the egg whites. Cook for 1 minute. When puffed, add the cooked tomato slices and stir quickly. Add the remaining salt and white pepper. Serve hot.

This recipe can be found in The Martha Stewart Cookbook: Collected Recipes for Every Day

Doesn't this sound fabulous? Personally, I would substitute the white pepper for black pepper, add some basil or spinach and serve it with crispy toast and fresh mozzarella cheese. I can't wait for Sunday, can you?

Blissful brunching!


Case of the Mondays

It was a Mexican cuisine weekend ~ yum-o!

On Friday, VIP and I joined good friends for dinner and strong margarita's at Cantina Loredo. Restaraunt review? If you're looking for a nice atmosphere, an excellent wait staff, and lots of tequila in that margarita, Cantina Loredo is the place to go! I would definitely do happy hour there. The table-made guacamole looked awesome and if I weren't allergic to avocado's, I may have filled up on chips and dip. Thankfully, my appetite was saved for the spinach enchilada's, which were also very tasty. My favorite? The faces surrounding my table. Awwwww....

Saturday was an exhausting day of F-U-N! H and I bought out Michael's paper department and later, I got to wear an Honorary L Badge for the evening when the L girls and I went to dinner at Maria Maria before heading to see gLee Live downtown. gLee! GLEE! Concert review? A-MAZING! Because they were performing in character, it was like watching a live episode of gLee, minus the dialog! There wasn't a single number that I wasn't enchanted with. In honor of Rachel Berry, I give it 5 gold stars.

I told you we bought out Michael's!


VIP and I made our first trip to the Superstition Ranch Market in East Mesa on Sunday. Thanks J for the tip! It was like Disneyland on whatever the opposite of steroids is, but in a very good way. The produce was fresh, local, and uber cheap ~ pineapples for $1? Unreal! To be honest, I think it was BETTER than Bountiful Baskets. I spent the same amount, picked out and purchased more fresh produce, and feel better about knowing NONE of it will be wasted. I feel like some of the BB stuff needs instructions and I didn't have to get up at dawn, WALK to the park, and stand in a disorganized line only to have two watermelons (in addition to 19 other pounds of produce) bestowed on me. Remember, I walked. The best news: SRM is INDOORS. I will be returning ~ possibly on a weekly basis.

Since Monday keeps returning, despite my pleas, bribes, and barters, I think we'll make the best of it. I wish the Phoenix Suns all the best as we take on the LA Losers... I mean, Lakers tonight in Game 1 of the West Conference Semi-Finals. You can bet that R, VIP and I will be screaming at the television together, possibly on TiVo, while wearing all of our supportive gear and chanting during commericals, "BEAT LA! BEAT LA! BEAT LA!"

Rock the week. Rock the b-ball. Rock life. Cheers!

Knock knock?
Who's there?
ORNG who?

Knock knock?
Who's there?
ORNG who?

Knock Knock?
Who's there?
ORNG who?
ORNG you proud to be a Suns fan?!



Welcome to Friday. Yay!

Thankfully, it's been quite the quiet week. I purchased a new houseplant and other than a mishap last night involving me and super glue {yes, again}, I've been planning R's 6th birthday party {thanks for the pool, JJ!} and organizing the Missi n' Martha Matter, which is to commence July 1st.

12 hours later, I sliced the same thumb with the vegetable peeler while unloading the dishwasher. Seriously.

Since I've been working early mornings and late nights this week, I have a feeling that tonight I will catch up on laundry, household errands, and sleep. Tomorrow is my day with BFF H preparing the details of what is to be a beautiful wedding in Mexico, followed by dinner and gLee!

Sidenote: If you haven't watched a single episode of Glee, I highly recommend you do. Especially if you were ever in school choir. It's hysterical, cheesy, and the rhythm will get you. With 90210, gLee, and American Idol, Tuesday is a big night for my TiVo. You can watch my favorite episode of gLee here or just watch this video and get a taste. Although, my favorite characters are Mercedes Jones {Amber Riley} and Brittany {Heather Morris, from Scottsdale!}, Jane Lynch is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday, possibly hitting up the farmer's market and taking a coffee break. Here's to a beautiful weekend filled with friends and song! Cheers!


Sunday Brunch

Now on Green Apples ~ and I know it's kind of redundant to my food blog, but somehow I don't care ~ NEW! Posted on Thursday mornings so you can get your shopping done in time to prepare... TA DA! Sunday Brunch! I'm so excited!

Breakfast food is my comfort food because a lot of my happiest childhood memories come from the breakfast table. Both of my grandmothers made a huge deal out of breakfast when we spent the night; eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, pancakes, fruit, juice, the works. When we were home sick from school and Dad stayed with us, French Toast was almost a guarantee and a special one too since we ate cereal or toast 360 days a year. Thanks Dad!

Because I'm not staying home sick from school these days, nor do I have grandparents to make me a six course breakfast anymore, from my table to yours...

French Toast Casserole
Serves 6

5 cups bread cubes
4 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
1/4 cup white sugar, divided
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp margarine, softened
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 cup nuts {optional}
powdered sugar for sprinkling {optional}

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and lightly butter an 8x8 baking pan.

Line the bottom of the pan with the bread cubes and optional nuts. In a large bowl, beat together eggs, milk, 2 tbsp sugar, salt, and vanilla. Pour egg mixture over bread cubes. Dot with margarine and let stand 10 minutes.

Combine the remaining sugar with the cinnamon and sprinkle on top. Bake for 45-50 minutes or until top is golden. Dust with optional powdered sugar.

This recipe is courtesy of Starflower at

Personally, I like to serve French Toast Casserole with warm maple syrup, bacon {we eat the VF kind}, fresh berries, and fresh orange juice. However, it's also tasty to substitute the margarine dots for cream cheese dots and trade the pre-baking cinnamon & sugar topping for orange marmalade post-baking. My other favorite version is to add frozen blueberries to the bread cubes before baking. Yes, I play with my food and every time I make this, Kiwi eats dog food for breakfast. I assume the kids would give it a 5-star rating and that your table will not be disappointed.

Blissful brunching!


Weird Day

Eight years ago today, I walked down an aisle. An aisle that should have been made of fairy tales, celebration, and love, but was simply lacking. That day should have been the happiest day of my life, but it was more like an out of body experience. I knew that then and I stand by that today. I may not be able to recall the guest list, the decorations, the flowers, the planning, where it was held or how I felt, but I do remember two sentences said to me just moments after I said "I do" and pledged my life to a man who would later complicate, confuse, and change it beyond imagination.

The facility coordinator said that out of hundreds of weddings she'd witnessed, I was the third bride who didn't cry and she was impressed. I didn't cry. I didn't cry and I WAS PREGNANT! Brides should cry. Brides should be filled with so many tangled happy emotions that it should come shooting out of their eyeballs like Niagara Falls. Pregnant brides should have an uncontrollable Niagara falling out of every pore that she soaks the congregation. That's how women are programmed. Me? Eyes drier than the Sahara. This makes me wonder if I was even happy that day or if I was just focused on not having morning sickness on Forrest's rented tuxedo.

I often wonder how the first two dry brides are and if there's a relation between blubbering brides and a happily ever after? Or maybe I'm just one of those bad ass chicks who doesn't cry when puppies get run over by trucks or when babies smile or when I get married. Pregnant or not, I do cry at other people's weddings; people I know, people I don't, it's guaranteed. I cry when I attend weddings or when I see them posted on YouTube and last flu season, I had to stop watching TLC's A Wedding Story due to lack of tissue in my house. I cry because I want so badly for them to remember that moment, to hang on to it and feel like that forever, with each other. I am THAT happy for them. Or maybe I cry because I want a moment like that to hang on to. Maybe there's just something wrong with my bad ass wiring.

I kid you not, tissues are required when I watch this video. Hell, they're required if I hear this song on the radio and THINK about this video. Seriously! It looks like so much fun and they're all sooooo happy. I'm sooooo happy for them, I cry. In fact, it's playing in the background as I write this, I'm not even watching, and I STILL need three tissues. Hug anyone?

The other words that stuck like tacky glue to rhinestones; my mother's childhood friend quietly told me, "From one pregnant bride to another, it will be okay." I will never forget that moment. For a long time I thought my story would mimick hers. 31 years and four kids later, I would still be happy holding his hand. It took one divorce, two failed relationships, three kids, and four years to know that my story isn't supposed to mirror hers, or others, but that doesn't make her prediction wrong. It would be okay.

May 11th is a weird day for me. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel or if I'm supposed feel anything at all. Am I even supposed to acknowledge it? It happened, it ended, it's gets better every day and it was all part of the grand design that is my life. There isn't a single event coming my way that I won't grow, learn, or benefit from in some way. God wouldn't allow it. {See? There are some things I still believe.} I just hope that if I ever get a second chance to be that happy with someone else, I do exactly what I wish in tears for those I witness at the altar making an eternal promise; to never forget or let go of that moment for as long as we both shall live.

Today, I choose to celebrate eight years of being green and, I gotta say, it's definitely not easy, but it IS okay.


Case of the Mondays

Turns out my half blind boyfriend is better than the entire San Antonio squad. We rock. And it's about time. A Suns sweep was the best Mother's Day present EVER. Thanks, Nash!

On Friday, the Suns won game #3 in SA and when the announcement was made on the D'Backs megatron {megatron, jumbotron, optimus prime, whatevs}, the crowd went wild. The D'Backs, however, not so lucky against the Brewer's. The BREWER'S. Regardless of score, it was a fun game and the seats were exciting; I swear I almost died five times by foul ball, and I had the best company a girl could ask for at a ball game: three hot dudes. I'm such a pimp.

13 years may have come and gone, but Saturday was as if B and I hadn't missed a thing. She's just as pretty as I remembered and her kids - OMG ADORABLE! They're like celebrities; we'd never met, but I know everything about them {thanks Facebook!}. Finally {and briefly} meeting them was amazing and crazy simultaneously and seeing B for the first time in over a decade was just as amazing, if not more. We decided that when we get together, big things happen. The last time we were in the same room, we were hugging goodbye at Sky Harbor after having spent three weeks abroad running amuck the streets of Europe. This time, permanent memories of permanent ink.

B chose a meaningful scripture to tattoo on her foot, accompanied by a dove, and it turned out beautiful. I chose three green apples to tattoo on the back of my calf to represent the three green apples of my eye. 2-1/2 hours and two days later, I'm still sore, but incredibly pleased with the result. If you're looking, I highly recommend visiting Brianna at No Regrets in Tempe.

As far as Sunday goes... I loathe Mother's Day. For me, there are no gifts, no cards, no flowers, there's no sleeping in, no breakfast in bed, no appreciation, and no recognition from my children. The single parent gets the shaft. A wise woman told me today, "In time, your children will grow up - and when they are older they will celebrate you. In the meantime, try to take Mother's Day as a chance to reflect on BEING a mother, to be grateful for the friends in your life who "mother" and nurture you - and to celebrate all women." While banning the holiday from my house sounds brilliant right now, I'm thinking I should take this advice and celebrate all women - not just mother's - every year until my kids are old enough to appreciate their own ridiculous mother.

In the meantime, since my kids are still too little to understand, I decided to make at least the morning portion of my day special by not cooking or cleaning up breakfast. Instead, the kids and I enjoyed breakfast with Mimi & Papa at Mimi's Cafe and when the Mother's Day celebrating was over {11am}, our regular scheduled programming resumed with regular Sunday activity. Supermarket, cleaning, laundry, froyo.

Despite the fighting, tantrums, non-listening ears, and flat out refusals to brush teeth, it wasn't a horrible day; just a difficult one. When you're dealing with a Scorpio, a Gemini, and a 4 year old, you really can't expect much different.

To the Mother's before me, including my own, and the Mother's that surround me:
Thank you for being my role models, my inspiration, and for teaching me how to do this crazy job {and still lurve it}. I hope you enjoyed your day!

And here we are with a case of the Monday's. The start of another May week - MAY! - and the beginning of triple digit weather. Stay cool and let the week unfold. Cheers!


Happy Mother's Day

My mom is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words, but I always remember the tune. - Graycie Harmon


Change Is Good

Don't you hate it when things change with no public explanation? When Target changed from "Target brand" to "Up and Up", I didn't get the memo. Or when Sarah Jessica Parker had her signature mole removed, I wasn't notified. The page you are viewing has changed. I hope you noticed. Here's the memo...

Dear Beloved Readers,
Tripping Daises will now be referred to as Green Apples.
xxoo, M.

You have now been informed. This everyday, nonchalant, casual, yet sparkalicious blog portrays everything that is mi vida loca and three of my most favorite subjects to write about are also the apples of my eye and they are green in more ways than one. I think renaming this page and giving it a new green look is the perfect representation of my family, my life, my world.

In addition to banner and name change, I also made a few subtle changes to the general appearance; look around, they're there. My favorite is the new footnote at the end of every post. New to Green Apples, I will be featuring a "goals of the month" post the first week of every month; I have noticed that if it's announced in public forum, I'm more likely to stay on task. I'm this much of a people pleaser; this idea came to me after I went back and crossed off a bunch of items on my recreate list posted way back last July. Turns out, I'm almost finished with my house! I'm also thinking of posting breakfast recipes on Thursday mornings, just in time for the weekend and considering posting monthly photos of my kids to track their growth and new discoveries. I'm choosing to call this "creative expansion." What do you think?

So, there's the explanation behind the changes. Now, on with the show!


We haven't slowed down since E's Monday Morning Miff...

I woke up on Wednesday morning to a vomit covered lil' man who ended up staying home in bed all day, as the result of an early morning parenting collaboration {yes, you heard me}. Unfortunately, he didn't recover in time to participate in the elementary school's kindergarten production of Our Wonderful World. Poor baby dude, it's all he's talked about for three weeks. Since he was too busy being sick, I was heartbroken for him. I hope it helped.

Tonight, VIP, S, J, & I will get our DBacks swing on at Chase Field as we take on Milwaukee and ball park fare. I'm so excited, I love baseball. My how the times have changed...

This weekend, my favorite Super Mom and dear friend, B, from NV will be in AZ for the big MD {Nevada, Arizona, Mother's Day; kudo's if you didn't need my help}. Let the stretching begin NOW because it's going to be a highly anticipated, long awaited, big, giant hug. I can't wait! There will be conversation, possibly coffee, and permanent ink. Oh yes. Did I mention we're getting together for new tattoos? Happy Mother's Day to Us!

May your weekend be full of big hugs and mothers. Cheers!


Case of the Mondays

Let me rephrase that: MAJOR case of the Mondays. Sick friend and monster winds aside, the weekend was pleasant {I hope you're feeling better SG!}.

On Saturday, VIP and I tootled around town for a bit before picking up the kids and heading home to make dinner. E decided she could hang with her elders, so while the rest of us fell asleep, E and VIP stayed up playing PS2 karaoke belting out tunes like Unforgettable and Start Me Up.

Start Me Up. I love that song. - E

After a huge Sunday morning waffle breakfast, we headed downtown on the light rail to the Arizona Science Center. I hadn't been to the science center since 5th grade, needless to say, it's way different. My favorite exhibit from my glory days of yore has since been replaced and something new stands in its place; although I'm not sure what, the building has obviously undergone some serious reconstruction. Either that or my memory has faded. They did have a very cool weather exhibit, which would have to be my new favorite. I love learning about weather. I still remember learning the types of clouds in elementary school. Cumulus, stratus, nimbus, cirrus, I still got it up there. Some crazy science lady also played with fire indoors and we had a lesson on combustion. Also, very cool. I would bet that this was R's favorite part of the day ~ watching things explode.

Repeat after me. I promise to never ever, never ever, ever play with fire.
- Jenny the Science Lady

Afterward, VIP and I collaborated to make the world's best fish tacos and then met N & S for froyo in Gilbert. I heart froyo, yo. Yo!

Because without video, no one would have believed me.

And now we're here with Monday. Oh Monday....

Sometimes I want to sell my tallest daughter to the highest bidder on eBay. That's the kind of Monday it's been... so far. Kudos to VIP for taking her to school instead.

Much to look forward to this week; a much needed pedicure and massage, R's school production of Our Wonderful World, and a baseball game. Woot! Here's hoping that the remaining hours of Monday and the rest of the week is less dramatic. Cheers!