Renewed Inspiration

I can't let a few bad apples get me down....

And I got my cape back from the dry cleaners. So, I made a few changes, posted 2012's pricing {will honor 2011 pricing until 12.31.11}, and have decided to get back on the boat... with a few stipulations for myself. I had such wonderful October events that have renewed my certainty of why I do this job. Not only do I get to work with lovely people and make new friends, but I love being in this happy business! Also, no one likes a quitter.

So, there you have it. I can conquer the world, one wedding at a time.


Good Ol' Arizona Weather

This is EXACTLY why a day-of coordinator is a brilliant idea. Not only does h/she make sure you are well taken care of behind the scenes, but we watch the weather like a hawk for a week before your big outdoor wedding day, we track the times dust storms are known to strike, and we can be completely prepared with a Plan B the morning of if necessary. Don't let this happen to you!


Three Cheers for Mom!

Trying to keep up with school x4, work x2, and kids x3 is tough. The last thing I need to worry about is dinner...

Which is why I love winter. Soup, chowder, and chili ~ oh my! Guess what you get when you cross chicken noodle soup with corn chowder?! Click here for the answer :)