Case of the Mondays

Let me rephrase that: MAJOR case of the Mondays. Sick friend and monster winds aside, the weekend was pleasant {I hope you're feeling better SG!}.

On Saturday, VIP and I tootled around town for a bit before picking up the kids and heading home to make dinner. E decided she could hang with her elders, so while the rest of us fell asleep, E and VIP stayed up playing PS2 karaoke belting out tunes like Unforgettable and Start Me Up.

Start Me Up. I love that song. - E

After a huge Sunday morning waffle breakfast, we headed downtown on the light rail to the Arizona Science Center. I hadn't been to the science center since 5th grade, needless to say, it's way different. My favorite exhibit from my glory days of yore has since been replaced and something new stands in its place; although I'm not sure what, the building has obviously undergone some serious reconstruction. Either that or my memory has faded. They did have a very cool weather exhibit, which would have to be my new favorite. I love learning about weather. I still remember learning the types of clouds in elementary school. Cumulus, stratus, nimbus, cirrus, I still got it up there. Some crazy science lady also played with fire indoors and we had a lesson on combustion. Also, very cool. I would bet that this was R's favorite part of the day ~ watching things explode.

Repeat after me. I promise to never ever, never ever, ever play with fire.
- Jenny the Science Lady

Afterward, VIP and I collaborated to make the world's best fish tacos and then met N & S for froyo in Gilbert. I heart froyo, yo. Yo!

Because without video, no one would have believed me.

And now we're here with Monday. Oh Monday....

Sometimes I want to sell my tallest daughter to the highest bidder on eBay. That's the kind of Monday it's been... so far. Kudos to VIP for taking her to school instead.

Much to look forward to this week; a much needed pedicure and massage, R's school production of Our Wonderful World, and a baseball game. Woot! Here's hoping that the remaining hours of Monday and the rest of the week is less dramatic. Cheers!


  1. The current AZ Science Center opened its doors in April 1997. That's why it looks sooooo different. You weren't at this one in fifth grade!

  2. Like in science, there's an explanation for everything!