Change Is Good

Don't you hate it when things change with no public explanation? When Target changed from "Target brand" to "Up and Up", I didn't get the memo. Or when Sarah Jessica Parker had her signature mole removed, I wasn't notified. The page you are viewing has changed. I hope you noticed. Here's the memo...

Dear Beloved Readers,
Tripping Daises will now be referred to as Green Apples.
xxoo, M.

You have now been informed. This everyday, nonchalant, casual, yet sparkalicious blog portrays everything that is mi vida loca and three of my most favorite subjects to write about are also the apples of my eye and they are green in more ways than one. I think renaming this page and giving it a new green look is the perfect representation of my family, my life, my world.

In addition to banner and name change, I also made a few subtle changes to the general appearance; look around, they're there. My favorite is the new footnote at the end of every post. New to Green Apples, I will be featuring a "goals of the month" post the first week of every month; I have noticed that if it's announced in public forum, I'm more likely to stay on task. I'm this much of a people pleaser; this idea came to me after I went back and crossed off a bunch of items on my recreate list posted way back last July. Turns out, I'm almost finished with my house! I'm also thinking of posting breakfast recipes on Thursday mornings, just in time for the weekend and considering posting monthly photos of my kids to track their growth and new discoveries. I'm choosing to call this "creative expansion." What do you think?

So, there's the explanation behind the changes. Now, on with the show!

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