TGIF{E} Update

Just an update from yesterday...

I got a phone call last night from R, who just wanted his mommy. This made my Friday Eve! We talked about school and recess and his favorite part of the day {which was calling mommy}. When we were finished, I spoke with E. After a round of basic questions; her day was good, her favorite part was popcorn, and she wanted me to pick her up from school on Friday, I asked her why she was so upset the day before. She didn't know, which doesn't surprise me, but we agreed to talk about it further over froyo on Sunday. A, in true A fashion, had a good day at school and her favorite part was calling mommy and then she was done. I love you's, I miss you's, and see you on Sunday's in order, I let them get back to their time with dad. After a worry filled 24 hours, one phone call made everything better.

Tonight, Vampire Bakery preheats at 9:00p for the First Queen of the Damned Kitchen Bake Off! Okay, so my partner in crime, Count Bakeula, isn't going to love the name, but it's my blog. Neener :P Since I love lemons so much, I'll be baking with quite a few of them later this evening and I'm very excited to for that sugar high to hit about 2:45am. It should all be Love At First Bite.
Still awaiting Sunday, but at least now for now, it's a happier wait.Cheers to the weekend!

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