Case of the Mondays

Hooray for a pleasant weekend! Saturday was spent with my favorite July bride and later, taking in a million WTF moments per minute in Scottsdale. This is what I get for volunteering to DD, although happily so because waking up on Sunday was awesome and I could run my errands without headache. I'm so excited about River's birthday present {one of Sunday's errands}. I can't wait for NEXT Sunday!

It may be Monday, but it's a good day ~ I have my babies back!

E and I chatted for a bit when she got home. She told me she was sorry and I helped her to understand that we don't say things like that. I made sure she understood that if she continued to talk like that, someone could take her and R and A away from me forever. That made her sad, so we made a deal. I promised to never ever hurt her {obviously} and she promised to never ever {falsely} say that I did, no matter how mad we were. Then we all ate tacos because tacos make everything better.

In the week's news: It's the last week of school! Hooray! Which reminds me, I need to register my kids at the Y for summer camp before it's too late. Eek! Cheers to a fabulous week!

To teachers everywhere ~
THANK YOU for sharing the incredible gift of education, for leading by example, and for instilling a love of learning in little souls everywhere. You are appreciated.

To my Sisterface, C ~
Happy Quarter Century Birthday!

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