Playing Catch Up

We've all done the same song and dance ~ put off things because life got in the way. There's something better to do, something else to clean up, someone else to call or see, the To Do list has grown a thousand miles long and "overwhelmed" doesn't quite cut it anymore. Of course this is how the blog got stuck at the bottom of the priority pile, but also, it's been a lack of sleep and a lack of drive.

I have days where I feel like a freight train; unstoppable, unbeatable, and unforgivable and then I have days where I feel like I've been hit by the freight train. Ever since vacation ended, I've had a lot of head-on collisions with that freight train, resulting in "train wreck" days. I haven't caught up on sleep, the house never seems clean enough, errands are endless, laundry is breeding, and I feel like all of our "stuff" is slowly suffocating my space and there isn't any time to make a date with Goodwill. In simpler terms, having three jobs is REALLY hard.

Growing up, I was at peace and content sitting amid disaster quietly reading books or sketching, but now, I can't stand it and not being at home has quickly become my "go-to" resolution. If I don't have the time {or motivation} to do something right the first time ~ thoroughly, perfectly, exactly ~ then I just don't do it. Eventually, I'll get around to it, but in the meantime, I'm left in an Overwhelemed Me vs. My OCD battle. Looking at the bright side, I'm a winner either way!

To catch you up to speed ~

Two weeks ago, we had a fabulous California vacation with my parents complete with a pirate show, real live sea dragons, and the kids first trip to Disneyland! School resumed with parent/teacher conference week, followed by a birthday.

There's eight year old in my house now. Eight years ago today, I had a newborn in the NICU and I was sleeping on the floor of the hospital lobby, not really sleeping at all, but instead worrying about my brand new baby girl and watching terrible late night television on one of 14 channels the hospital offered. We've come a long way since then. I worry about different stuff, she rides her bike without training wheels, and we all sleep through the night.

To my sweet baby E,
You necessarily flipped my world upside down creating new perspectives, new desires, and new love along the way. You are the sole reason I purchase headbands by the thousands and fear the year 2018. I love your snaggletooth smile and the freckles that dance across your nose. May you always sing loudly, read with animation, and listen to your mother; whose middle name ain't Awesome for no reason! You're the reason I perfected cajun shrimp and get presents on Mother's Day {both are completely necessary to happy sustainability}.
Happy Birthday, my darling.
I love you,

This weekend is sure to be filled with costumes, friends, laughter, and pillaging my kids candy bags. May you all have a sweet, autumny weekend. Happy Halloweenies!



Britney Spears. Does it get any better? Yes...

Michael's Arts and Craft stores released their loyalty rewards cards this week and our Disneyland countdown begins today with T-7 days! I haven't been to the happiest place on Earth in a few years and my kids have never been, so to take them for the first time AND have VIP AND my parents with us AND to see the park all decked out for Halloween?? I'm surprised I'm not packed and sitting in the airport parking lot just waiting!

This will be our first Halloween experience at Disneyland. Wahoo!

I spent the majority of the week preparing to orchestrate a wedding to take place on Sunday, 10.10.10. There's a lot to take place in the next 72 hours from set up to strike and I can't wait to see it all take shape ~ and then nap.

With all the activities happening this weekend, I'd better hop to ~ Have a fabulous weekend and be sweet!


Sneak Preview

A sneak preview of all the Green Apple events this month ~

10.09: SAS Reunion
10.09: Bridal Shower
10.10: Birthday Party
10.10: P & J Get Married
10.13 - 10.17: VACATION
10.24: Birthday Party
10.25: E is Eight
10.29: Halloween Party
10.31: Trick or Treat

The month is sprinkled with several event meetings and birthdays. Yay! Also, through the suggestion of a friend who works for Serendipit Consulting, I've joined forces with Arizona Spa Girls for a bridal giveaway ~ details coming soon. If you are planning an event, please keep Green Apple Design in mind for all of your event planning needs, including sweets, and check out our Event Packages, which can be customized to suit YOU!



Holy butter! It's been a whirlwind week ~ like seriously, where did it go? Somewhere in the midst of all the chaos, I found time to make myself some of these little gems....

L to R: Vietnamese Coffee, Chocholate Chai, Green Tea Latte, Irish Cream

Jealous? You should be! I'll post the recipes for these soon. As for the remainder of the week, Green Apple is taking a break long enough to participate in a marathon of a different color tomorrow. Twilight Town Trek, which has NOTHING to do with Edward Cullen, takes place tomorrow night in DT Tempe ~ Yay! Wish our team luck. Although with Super Sleuth B behind the scenes, you may want to with the OTHER teams luck! Other than running around this town in the dark solving riddles at rapid rates, the weekend will be quiet...

To beautiful weather and beautiful friends ~ Cheers!