We haven't slowed down since E's Monday Morning Miff...

I woke up on Wednesday morning to a vomit covered lil' man who ended up staying home in bed all day, as the result of an early morning parenting collaboration {yes, you heard me}. Unfortunately, he didn't recover in time to participate in the elementary school's kindergarten production of Our Wonderful World. Poor baby dude, it's all he's talked about for three weeks. Since he was too busy being sick, I was heartbroken for him. I hope it helped.

Tonight, VIP, S, J, & I will get our DBacks swing on at Chase Field as we take on Milwaukee and ball park fare. I'm so excited, I love baseball. My how the times have changed...

This weekend, my favorite Super Mom and dear friend, B, from NV will be in AZ for the big MD {Nevada, Arizona, Mother's Day; kudo's if you didn't need my help}. Let the stretching begin NOW because it's going to be a highly anticipated, long awaited, big, giant hug. I can't wait! There will be conversation, possibly coffee, and permanent ink. Oh yes. Did I mention we're getting together for new tattoos? Happy Mother's Day to Us!

May your weekend be full of big hugs and mothers. Cheers!

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