It's been a rough week for all of us. There's really never a dull moment, we don't just say that.

While the kids are doing fabulously well, the Big Mama Drama started on Tuesday with the inevitable phone call letting Mom know that Grams needs to be moved to the Ladies Club {aka Alzheimer's Wing}. However, out of subconscious protest on Thursday, Grams decided to unleash the Southern Belle within and get her jollies with the hunky EMT's instead. This, of course, only lead to several long hours in the ER and an extended stay in the hospital. Every test, lab, scan, EKG, MRI, and NFL are all suspect {are you paying attention?}. Until the results are in, we're just happy she continues to bless us with her smile continually throughout the day, you know, when she's not falling asleep mid-sentence, speaking foreign languages, or asking where the cat is, the one they're supposed to scan at 12:15.

Weekend plans for me include hospital visits, a bottle of Fetzer, sleeping in, reading, retail therapy and lunch with my ladies. Hopefully the weekend brings all of you sunshine, sparkles, and satisfaction. Cheers!


Case of the Mondays

After the big storm last week that brought high winds, four days of rain, tornadoes to Arizona, and a night spent sleeping in the bathtub, I have a new lease on my love/hate relationship with weather. Okay, so I'm native to Arizona and the opportunity to move away never presented itself, but I like genuinely it here. We don't have to deal with snow, sleet, blizzard, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, flooding, tornado {normally}, or any other natural disaster. We have two seasons: dry heat and dry cold. I hate it because it's boiling lava, can't touch my seat belt, but can fry an egg on the sidewalk hot. I love it because it's predictable, it's safe, it's home.

While traveling about town, I saw several fallen trees and general storm debris almost everywhere. It gave me new appreciation for landscapers and roofers across the Valley who are returning to work this sunny Monday morning happy to have an increase in profit and job security for a little bit longer and they deserve it; it's a mess out there.

On Saturday my family gathered downtown, in honor of my late grandfather, at The Old Spaghetti Factory for pasta and tales of Pap-paw past. No trip to OSF is complete without a photo by the Spaghetti Tree and thankfully, C took plenty.

The kids and I visited the Phoenix Zoo yesterday. It was the first sunny day in several and having waited out the storm in the comforts of home, I was feeling a little cabin feverish and the zoo was the perfect cure all. After three hours of wheeling around animals; E and R on their Heeley's and A in the umbrella stroller, they called it quits and we headed to Chandler Fashion for some shoe shopping. The kids each got a pair of brand new flip flops to wear the first day of Spring and I picked up The Lovely Bones at B&N {I heard the movie was terrible compared to the book, so I thought I'd skip the film and head straight for the page}.

Then we headed to McDonald's for french fries, beverage, and indoor activity that didn't involve shoes with wheels and having thought ahead with the book purchase, I let them enjoy Playland for two hours. By the time we arrived home, it was late and we were headed straight for the bathtub, followed closely by playroom pick up and bed.

E was a little sad about having to wash the waves out of her hair that her father put there so, I gave her the ultimate wet hair braid treatment after she was clean and was reminded of being seven and sitting still for 30 minutes while my mom braided my wet locks in front of the television. Her hair this morning, very AWESOMELY1988; crimped all but the last inch where I had to tie off the braid. She was so ecstatic; it took horses to drag her away from the bathroom mirror.

E: You do it better than Dad.
M: I should hope so, your dad is bald. What does he know about hair?
E: That's true.

Today starts a full week of work, school, homework, schedules, routines, and errands and may yours be sunny without crimps. Cheers!


You Look Marvelous

Some people keep track of their lives by recording significant events in journals, diaries, and more recently, blogs. I have a friend who has every single journal she has kept since she could write. Volumes and volumes of memories neatly organized in chronological order on bookshelves in her bedroom. This is not me. I write all the good stuff down on post-it notes, toss 'em in a shoe box, and tell myself that someday I will order these and put them in a scrapbook. This "someday", however, will most likely not come and I'm well aware of that. However, it's good to come across that box every so often, grab a handful of yellow squares, and read the funny things my kids have said or done or be reminded of a few great moments that happened to me.

Like all people, I have bad days. I had a horrible day last Monday and there wasn't a whole lot that could help, except an army of assistants and unfortunately, I was told that Walgreen's had sold out the night before. So, on this particular bad day, I was trying to think of some fabulous things to tell myself to get me through the To Do list from hell and as I did so, I noticed that the things I was telling myself were compliments I had received from others, which, brings me to this morning's bright idea: You Look Marvelous and Other Pick Me Ups.

My 2010 project {I hate resolutions} is a compliment compilation; a little sunshine to read on a bad day because sometimes, all it takes is a little "you look marvelous" to get you through a tough few minutes. Instead of post-it's, I was thinking of posting them on my website or maybe keeping a book. Either way, wish me luck in the organization...


Happy TGIF Eve

Here we are again, posting for Friday on a Thursday morning. Happy Friday Eve!

With so much to do in the next 24 hours, I'm feeling so crunched for time that my motivation level is actually shutting down and ignoring the To Do list as a self preservation method from feeling too overwhelmed. Nothing like knowing you'll be scrambling your brains last minute, but not really doing anything to avoid it. Instead of cleaning baseboards, walls and cupboard doors today, I'll be catching up on Facebook, American Idol, and nursing the migraine from hell: day four. Can't I just hire someone to throw this party for me?

Since it's mostly an outdoor soiree, I adorned my patio with a cute loveseat {covered in even cuter sheets for fun} and a coffee table {I found both for $10 each. iRock bargains}, fresh flowers, wind chimes, a fancy strand of white outdoor lights, a few candles, custom made corn hole, and a fire pit. I also hired my landscapers to clean up the backyard {I will post photos of all after they've been here}. Now if I could find a guy to come tend to the swing set for me, life outback would be perfection.

Tomorrow nights smash had also given me a new reason to restart a project that I began last summer: Living Room Re-Create. Here are a few snapshots of what's happened in our living room in the last two weeks.

Add Image
I'm still on the look out for a rug, an oversized arm chair, and a new lamp, but for now, this is pretty good. Eventually, I will refinish my cedar chest and hang a corner shelf for my media boxes. Also in the future, for my 30th birthday, since no one is on board for Missi's Maiden Voyage to Vegas, I will most likely happy birthday present myself a flat panel television. I figure if I'm going to sit home on my birthday, I deserve to watch Iron Chef in high def. Even though I don't really watch television all the much, I am excited to upgrade based on the simple fact that I'll be able to see Steve Nash that much better.

Until then, I'm awaiting the afternoon that I can nap on my patio loveseat in the sunshine. Cheers to a three-day weekend, relaxation, and lots of sunshine!



I'm seriously beginning to doubt, with a To Do List that stretches into next week, that I'll be able to blog my weekly TGIF post. So, when in doubt, take action!

I had a fabulously relaxing three-day weekend. My lovely New Year's Eve concluded at 12:02 when I went to bed full of hope, glitters, and Chinese food. I woke up every morning after 8 o'clock, which is quite the feat since my internal clock tends to sound the alarms well before sunrise and for three days, I did absolutely nothing that I didn't want to do.

"And mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again..."

After a rocky Monday morning, a day that started with two arguments, "I don't wanna go to school..." and ending with two choruses of "I had so much fun today...", we were finally settling back into the swing of our pre-Christmas routine and by Wednesday, we had it down.

Tuesday, after two days of hand washing a thousand tiny dishes, I decided to take the kids out for a pizza on paper plates and let someone else clean up the mess. We love Tuesdays at Buono's; a large cheese pizza, four sodas, and three gumballs: $13.75. Such a deal!

Speaking of deals, I purchased an adorable and incredibly comfy love seat for my patio last night for $10. I also managed to pick up 50 smashing dishes for $25 at Goodwill. In sheer panic, I'm concentrating on finishing up home projects and clean ups before the dish smashing begins next Friday. Nothing will set you into home decor mode like having friends over that you haven't seen in 12 years! Hence, the To Do list that stretches into next week. Our weekend will be filled with more bargains, some sewing, and a family dinner on Sunday in honor of family arrival from Georgia.

Since checking things off a list is an old love, I hope I get to do a lot of it this weekend. Cheers! And may your weekend be filled with things you love....