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From our kitchen to yours... please visit my newest project, The Pot Luck Place.


Case of the Mondays

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Saturday morning was fabulous. There's nothing like a 5.3 mile hike to jump start your day! Although, my tooshie and thighs are still paying for that first hike of the season.

The majority of the weekend was not filled with football and watching grass grow, but instead turned into a two day Gilmore Girls DVD marathon with a side of Vicodin thanks to an impromptu laser surgery at the dentist office Saturday just before noon. I really regretted not eating before I went in for what was supposed to be 'just a cleaning'.

On Sunday, J and I went to celebrate a birthday at The Orange Table in Scottsdale. I really wish I could have eaten something more than just squishy cuisine, it all smelled ab fab. However, the cocktail was just enough to get me through, especially since the pain killers wore off shortly after arrival. I highly recommend the Bloody Mary - it was served with asparagus in lieu of standard celery. Nothing compares to an afternoon delight!

Tonight, you can find me on the couch, in my team shirt, team coozie in hand, and screaming at the television, just the way my grandfather would have wanted.

Happy Monday! GO COWBOYS!



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noth-ing: -noun 1. no thing; not anything; naught: to say nothing. 2. no part, share, or trace 3. something that is nonexistent. 4. nonexistence; nothingness. 5. something or someone of no importance or significance. 6. a trivial action, matter, circumstance, thing or remark. 7. a person of little or no importance; a nobody. 8. something that is without quantity or magnitude. 9. a cipher or naught. 10. used in conventional responses to expressions of thanks. -adverb in no respect or degree; not at all. -adjective amounting to nothing, as in offering no prospects for satisfaction, advancement, or the like.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what all good weekends are made of. Cheers to watching the grass grow!


Case of the Mondays

There are six weeks until Halloween, 95 days until Christmas, and only 14 weekends left in 2009. So much to do, so very little time...

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This past weekend was ab fab. J and I enjoyed a little baseball, a little beer, some Roger Clyne, good friends, and a lot of fun {pictured above, J, me, and the Estes' at Friday's game} and on Saturday, Heather and I made the jumbo tron at the D'Backs/RCPM show twice! Even yesterdays shopping extravaganza was successful thanks to some very well behaved short stops.

This week is shaping up quite nicely with a small group today, a mid-week day off, and a weekend filled with nothing.

I can't wait to wake up Wednesday at 6:45 and then let the day unfold. It's been over four months since my last day off, which was for surgery {I had my lady parts fixed} and it's not really clear as to whether that counts as a "day off" or not. I guess it doesn't matter; just having an excuse to take a day off is cause for excitement, even if it is the OB/GYN who requests my presence. I plan to drop the kids off at school on time instead of early and half awake, "do lunch", and leisurely spend an afternoon with my Tumni.

On another note, I hate taking time off. A one hour visit to the OB not only effects me, but it effects several other families as they have to rearrange schedules or find alternate care for their children. I admit, I am a self declared work-a-holic; I like being open and not inconveniencing others. However, I also like reassurance that I'm healthy, so what's a girl to do?

The bright side in all of this is, I'm the most reliable child care provider this side of the Mississippi. The not-so-sunny side is, I may eventually, one day, lost my sanity completely.

Cheers to an easy, breezy week!



That Friday dance I do every week sure does pay off.

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Friday night = Diamondbacks. Yay!

Saturday night = Diamondbacks followed by RCPM. Double yay!

Sunday is going to be a totally different ball game though. I'm assisting the ever so beautiful Mrs. S. choose a wedding guest dress, but I'm taking my softball team with me, which should either make for a grand slam home run or a few fly balls. I'll update you on Monday.

Go D'Backs!


Save the Drama for This Mama

I've just closed up shop for the day and as I reflect on the bit of week that's already occured, I notice something is missing.

Monday = drama.
Tuesday = drama.
Wednesday =

As Monday came to a close, a client handed me a stray dog, which in turn, led to a lot of growling and scuffing from my dogs, all addition to the noise of three children {one of whom was having trouble making it the potty at school and at home that day} and one infant and the television and my mother, while I'm on my way out the door to pick up a new desk for my girls before the seller contacts the next person on her "interested buyer" list {I heart Craig's List}. I don't think I started breathing again until I was halfway to Arcadia.

Upon my return home, the women folk had to figure out how to get said desk and hutch out of the back of the van without scratching the van or the desk {they certainly don't make furniture like they used to - this one was heavy!}, three sets of teeth needed to be brushed and three pairs of pj's needed to be put on, dinner needed to be cleaned up, and floor needed to be mopped.

In the midst of all that was Monday night, I missed a very important phone call. Which leads me to Tuesday, which was spent explaining Monday night to very important, but missed, caller. Hence the drama of Tuesday.

And today? Nothing. Not to worry, I pick my kids up this weekend and as the story goes, save the drama for yo mama, and since I'm the mama in this 'hood, I'm sure I'll have another wacky week. Let's just hope I survive to tell the tale.


Case of the Mondays

Today I learned another invaluable lesson. If you get up 10 minutes late, the whole morning will fall apart. I barely got lunches made, school portrait checks made out, and breakfast into tummies before we were in the car headed to school and I was late to work. A ridiculous statement coming from someone who works from home. Right now, it's late into Monday and everything is a blur.

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The weekend was almost long enough. Meh. Who am I kidding? It may be too late into Monday for me to remember what I did for most of the weekend, but it's not too late for me to know that it wasn't nearly long enough. Reality bites.

Cheers to a short week and a long weekend!



I'm obsessed with scarves today. These are my favorites, in order no less. I have a feeling it's going to be a well accessorized winter.

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Case of the Mondays... on Tuesday

Happy Post Labor Day!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend and one I was happy to finally spend with my McNuggets. It was our first three-day weekend together in about three years. Talk about FUN!

Saturday was great. I had the house to myself, the windows open to welcome a rare 72 degrees, and it rained! Yay drops! I spent most of the morning at home doing close to nothing; making it through two seasons of The Gilmore Girls on DVD is definitely close to nothing, but once I finally got motivated to something, I did a lot and then picked up the Motley Crue.

Sunday was a busy day for us. The kids helped me bake Toblerone brownies {above, recipe to follow}, which we later took to my dad's birthday party. After presents and brownies, I took E
and R to Skateland to meet with their friends from school.

After 20 years of avoiding the place, I was reminded why I disliked Skateland as a child. Sadly, it was exactly how I remembered it from 2nd grade. The smell, the over priced carnival food, the broken video games, the dirty skate floor, and the obnoxiously loud hip hop music from 1988. However, it didn't bother me, I was too busy being proud of R. Not once did he give up, get frustrated, or quit. In fact, he really seemed to really like skating, even after he fell down a few times. E did really well too, she caught on after a few falls and no one came home with a bruised caboose. Yay! We will definitely be going back to practice, after all, I sprung for the $5 souvenir cup. After our skating adventure, my two and a half year old nephew spent the night with us and I got the ultimate single mom experience ~ four children at the supermarket. Let's just say, I'm glad I'm spayed.

On Monday morning A helped me bake a makeshift desert, R helped me make another boat load of salsa, and Papa did his best with E and her bike in the school parking lot. I heard she almost rode her bike without the "little wheels." I bet she gets it next time. That afternoon, we, plus J, had a fabulous time with the J2 family at their home in Gilbert. Good food, good swimming {which really zonked the kids out later}, and triple good company. It was a perfect day.

Now if only Labor Day was post observed as well, I'd be caught up on the laundry and housekeeping...

Cheers to a short and sweet work week!

Oh, and if you were paying attention to that last one, yes, J met the Midget Rodeo and yes, he still wants to see me. Yip!