Case of the Mondays

Image: Colton J. Chestnut

I had the most productive Saturday. I cleaned out the garage in three hours, put one hundred miles on my car running necessary errands, and had my car inspected by my mechanic {which, by the way, lead to less than thrilling results}. On Sunday, my new garage door opener was programmed {thanks Dad!} and I made successful trips to TJ Maxx and Dillard's. I also got a Joey Tribbiani 'ow you doin'? at Lowe's while browsing the irrigation department with J, who managed to escape for less than a buck {what guy leaves a hardware store without spending at least 99 cents?!}.

While Saturday seemed to drag, Sunday flew by, leading us back to just another manic Monday and leaving me in bewilderment over tomorrow's arrival of September. Where does time go? Seriously.

Cheers to a productive, fly-by kind of week!


Winter Wish List

The perfect outfit...

Nothing would make me happier than to find any of these in my mailbox.

Dress: Anthropologie
Tights: Banana Republic
Belt: Forever XXII
Cardigan: Nordstrom's
Shoes: Dillards


With September right around the bend, I woke up this morning longing for crisp weather, a reason to put on my slippers, shop for cable knit sweaters, and make apple cider in my crock pot. It's too bad I live in Arizona where weather that permits these sorts of activity are at least 10 weeks away. I guess this means in 10 weeks, I will not only be shopping for cardigans, but I will be hosting E's seventh birthday party. SEVENTH! Oh dear me, where does the time go?!

This week has been extremely eventful. Trouble at work, two friends welcomed newborns, a cordial visit from Forrest, and news of monsters in my new mini-van air vents {it's okay, Ethan shut them out}.

The weekend, however, doesn't hold much; a few necessary errands and some garage organization. I must find my garage door opener {it wasn't where I last saw it - my bike basket}. I'm also hoping to get nothing done with my favorite person as it seems to be our specialty. No time has ever been spent so wisely than the time I spend with J. True story.

Cheers to a 'do nothing' kind of weekend! Happy Friday!



It's New Car Day!

I speed off into the sunset tonight!


I have this 'thing'. I am looked over, forgotten, ignored, or given the stink eye almost everywhere I go and I'm not the only one who has noticed it. Friends, family, and significant others have all commented, did that just happen? and the answer is always, yup.

Supermarkets, restaurants, pediatrician's office, and retail stores {my favorite tale hails from inside Banana Republic}, it doesn't matter where I am, it happens eight times out of ten. I used to believe that I had a sign that read IGNORE on my head or I just caused people's faces to contort into confused, displeased looks. Then I started to take notes...

While I may be a sole proprietor and a single mother of three who owns a car, lives in a single family home, and has a savings account, I look like I'm ready to join the cheer squad and shop for prom dresses on daddy's credit card. This doesn't please society and it makes for great confusion when I'm with my children or making googly eyes at my favorite guy, who is 14 years my senior.

While I may take all of this into consideration on a daily basis {it's part of the reason why I'm so open to new faces; well, this and I like the shock factor}, it's a fact: people make judgments based upon appearance. I look like I'm babysitting rather than parenting or with my uncle rather than on a date. I look out of place in high end retail stores {what 17 year old has that kind of cash?}, grocery shopping alone {where is her mommy?}, and the OB/GYN's office {she has parts that work?!}. Based on this theory, I do my best to never leave the house without looking at least an eight; hair done, make-up on, and matching shoes.

When I was promised a return phone call from the bank regarding my auto loan, I was a little surprised when 7:30p rolled around last night and I was still waiting. Miss 'you babysit?' Pamela knows I'm fairly successful based on my tax returns, she knows what year I made my worldly debut, how many children I have, and my social security number. What she doesn't know is what I look like, that I was wearing my pajama's when she called, or that I had on yesterday's make-up.

So, now I wonder, has my theory been shot? Is it not an appearance thing? Am I just that forgettable? Or did Miss 'you babysit?' Pamela simply have something better than her job to do?


Case of the Mondays

After a very busy weekend, my usual case of the Mondays has decided to travel with us into Tuesday.

Saturday was exciting. I spent some time at the car dealership and ended up with the best deal in the state on my new-to-me automobile. I should hear back from the finance department today, they were waiting for copies of my 2007/08 tax returns. Keep your fingers crossed!

I spent most of my Sunday at Makutu's Island with the McNuggets. We arrived just after breakfast and left five hours later. Then, it was time to head out for Depeche Mode. Jennie and I rode the Metro {the photo above is a reflection in Metro glass}, enjoyed a Stella, and totally jammed. If there was ever a man I'd want to dance with, it would definitely be Dave Gahan.

Cheers to a rockin' week!



Thank goodness it's Friday is a bit of an understatement this week. I've never been so excited for two days in my whole life. Well, maybe that first time I went to Disneyland in '86 or when I was packed up and ready for three weeks in Europe in '97. Oh! Maybe I was just as excited with nearing my due date for the first time in '02. Anyway, you get the point. I'm excited.

Tomorrow I'm going to see a man about a horse. Horsepower that is...


This will be the second "first experience" I've had this week, if I don't chicken out {the first was dining out, in public, alone}. I've never been to a car dealership alone, I've never owned a car with less than 80k miles, and I've never owned a car that could potentially take up the whole parking space, but this is what I want: a 2005 Nissan Quest. It just so happens I found one locally, in my prefered color, with 76k miles on it and for less than $9000. I've saved a down payment, I have a trade-in of good value {better be good, I just put new brakes, new tires, and a new engine in Petunia}, and I have the right attitude. Cross your fingers!

Now for the excitement... It's the weekend I've been waiting for since March!


Sunday is Depeche Mode! YAY! I remember my first Depeche Mode experience. It involved a new video being played on MTV, Enjoy the Silence, my brother, and several comparisons between Dave Gahan and my piano teacher, Stan. But what did we know, it was 1990 and we were just excited Grams was letting us watch MTV {something forbidden at home}.

So cheers to Grams, cheers to Dave, and cheers to Stan! Cheers to a weekend of new experiences and excitment!


Single Parent Complaint #462

To rise at 5:30, to bed at 11:00 because someone has to do everything.


While my kids are already pro's, it's the first full week of school for me {my days of custody are Sunday - Wednesday} and it's been an exhausting one. My alarm goes off at 5:22a and I don't even see my bedroom again until 10: 47p

I have to drop my kids off at the before school program by 6:30a, so I can open up shop by 6:32. I feel absolutely horrible waking them up at 5:45a, dressing them half asleep, and feeding them breakfast before they're ready to eat. They're awake just before it's time to brush teeth, put on backpacks and leave. It wouldn't be so bad if I knew I could pick them up at the release bell, but I can't. The majority of the week, I work until 6:45p. Which leaves pick up duties to friends and family and leaves the four of us just enough time to eat a family dinner, take baths, and hop in bed.

Of course, my day doesn't end at bedtime kisses. No, it ends about three hours later after I've cleaned the house, washed the dishes, sorted the laundry, and disinfected the toys after a long day of good play.

Working from home has it's advantages; I love my job {to an extent, but doesn't everyone?}. I get to stay home and witness amazing little beings grow and learn. We use our imaginations, bake cookies, color outside the lines, build Lego towers, have tea parties, dance like no one is watching, and I never worry about make-up before noon.

On the flip side, working from home has it's disadvantages too and they're not minor ones. I can't ever be late, I can't ever play 'hooky', there is no "lunch break" to run necessary errands {in fact, there is no break at all, I'm always 'on'}, and taking a day off is almost unspeakable. With the exception of two surgeries this year, I haven't taken holiday since May 2008.

While I may never be able to explain exactly what my days are like; the amount of strength, patience, and endurance it takes, I do know that I've always preferred the hard road and dammit, I earn my good night's sleep - all six hours of it. Because someone has to do everything.


Case of the Mondays

It's just another manic Monday, I wish it were Sunday cause that's my Funday...

There are less than 20 weekends left of 2009. Soon we'll be topping our heads with paper party hats sprinkled with glitter and tinsel that read 'Happy New Year!' Seriously, it's time to petition to slow things down!

Another weekend flew by, here are a few photos to tell the tale...

Our D'Backs defeated the Dodgers in an extra inning Saturday night, J and I together defeated 88oz of Stella from our very awesome seats, and Dodger's pitcher Hiroki Kuroda defeated a line drive off his head - ouch! He's one lucky guy being able to tell the tale without serious injury.

On Sunday, I finally defeated my self proposed challenge, Re-Create: Pirate Cove! What was once a work in progress has now been declared complete...

Add a happy lil' Captain and you get the warm and fuzzies all over...

Cheers to a week full of complete satisfaction!




Some much needed chatting and catching up was had last night at Blue Wasabi. I think the last time Josie and I spent time together, sans children, was Black Friday '08 and it definitely needs to happen more often. If you haven't eaten at Blue Wasabi yet, I highly recommend that you get there code red. It's tasty, fresh, great atmosphere, sports games will be on, the drink list is extensive, and best of all, it's inexpensive {compared to most}. I have yet to be disappointed.

It's Friday! The long awaited weekend is here! After a week of poop, sinusitis, lunchboxes, and early starts, I'm ready. Although sleeping in means up at seven o'clock these days, I'll take it.

Tomorrow I have planned to do nothing. The day is mine for the taking. Maybe I'll browse Merchant Square or get a manicure or check things off my never ending "To Do" List or clean up the front yard or finish R's room or maybe, just maybe, I'll just sit on my toosh, drink coffee, stare at the ceiling fan, and make a decision about what to do with the rest of my re-creating projects.

I'm having a hard time deciding what to do with my bedroom. I'm thinking about keeping both my oak bed and my new white antique wrought iron canopy bed just for the sake of having options for the rest of my life. I was constantly requesting new beds while growing up, so it's only fitting that I have one on deck as an adult. It seems that some things just never change...

All I know is I have nothing to do, no one to see, no where to be until 5:10p when the first pitch is thrown at Chase Stadium. Go D'Backs! {I managed to score MPV tickets for tomorrow's game against the Dodgers}. I'm finding that the more I learn about baseball, the more interesting it gets. I'm still not a huge fan, but because the stadium is fun and the beer is overpriced, I'm giving it a shot. In any regard, I hope my dress arrives in the mail today - perfect for a day at the ballpark. More importantly, I hope it fits without needing alterations, a rare, but always exciting feat.

Sunday is another do nothing day, although I foresee a trip to Home Depot and Target in my very near future, as always.

Cheers to a fabulous, relaxing, do nothing weekend!


Whatta Wednesday

Over the weekend, I had a migraine the size of Texas and spent two hours in urgent care only to be diagnosed with sinusitis and was put on antibiotics and an expectorant. There were no posts regarding the weekend plans because my only plan after Saturday was to not move.

While I felt better by Monday morning, I had to send one kid home sick from daycare. By ten o'clock Tuesday, I had notifications that sick kid had not only been diagnosed with RSV, but also won herself an extended stay Banner Desert Hospital. So, now not only am I the bearer of bad news to the healthy families, but I'm also on high alert for signs of illness and am spending most of my waking hours disinfecting things. I was very excited to discover that rubber gloves now come in an array of wonderful colors and patterns.

Today, was the first day of school.

Look how happy they are walking to school with their backpacks, lunchboxes, and bags full of classroom goodies. Even Stinky Bear was lookin' especially excited this morning.

20 minutes later...

I left a sobbing R with his kindergarten teacher and E was trying to get rid of the paparazzi.

Yeah, I love you too, Mom. See ya!

Obviously, I'm with R.

By the time I opened up shop at 8:15, I had recovered all the mascara from my cheeks and was ready to roll through the afternoon.


Passive-Aggressive Note I

Dear Mr. Mail Carrier,

Let me thank you for your services, timely deliveries, and for personally dropping off large packages on my doorstep occasionally, despite your fear of chihuahuas. I really, really appreciate that all of my mail is in perfect, orderly condition when I retrieve it from my box, #5, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.

I'd like to apologize for any superfluous barking my chihuahuas may do at the sight of your uniform and knee high socks, but I'd like to compliment you on how well you wear the whole USPS get-up; always looking sharp, Mr. Mail Carrier.

Let me ask, what was the reason behind changing the lock on my box,#5, without notice or receipt of new key? I know I haven't been as prompt as usual with the retrieval of my mail for the past two weeks, but is this really just cause for locking me out? Giving me the axe? 86'ing me from my bills and neighborhood advertisements?

After discovering that my key wasn't fit for the lock I was trying, I got back in my car and drove around, completely convinced that I had the wrong set of collective mailboxes. Fifteen minutes later, to my complete and utter surprise, I realized I was in the right place! So, I tried my key again and again and again and it still didn't work. I turned my key so hard it almost broke off - right there in the lock!

I understand that you're a very busy man and have no time for petty requests, but nothing would make me happier, Mr. Mail Carrier, after walking an entire block to my mailbox, than to be able to collect my Val-U-Pak, my neon yellow Big Brothers and Sisters postcard, and my cable television billing statement. I'm sure you understand how passionate I am about collecting my mail as I'm sure you're just as passionate about delivering it.

I am requesting that a copy of the new mailbox key be delivered immediately - you know where I live. Let's work together to resolve this.

Keep Cool!


Single Mom Complaint #329

Tuesday. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. Oh Tuesday.

Mondays are great. I'm off work early, I'm hanging out with my kids, and Monday Movie Night is always a good time, starting with a picnic in the living room. Wednesdays are great too. I have a lighter load at work, my kids sleep in a wee bit, and at 5 o'clock they go to their dad's house for the remainder of the week. It's that day in between the two that does a fabulous wear 'n tear job on my sanity.

Tuesdays are, by far, my busiest day during waking hours and it starts at sun-up. My house is quickly turned upside down by the curious and busy bodies of toddlers and clean up always seems to fall into the hands of mom {unless E is feeling particularly light in the wallet}. By 6:30pm, I've already wondered several times if I've sat down yet, used the restroom, or eaten anything.

Tuesday has also been deemed as "Baby Maintenance Day"; as in cabooses, hair, nails, and ears are all bathed, trimmed, washed, and inspected by Inspector Number 0417 {moi}. After a long day, this is not exactly what you want to do. Especially when there is a dinner table to clean off, dishes to tend to, laundry to sort, and a floor that desperately needs mopping. No, you want to sit down, relax, sip a cool beverage, check your social network, and flip the channels.

No ma'am, there is nothing spectacular about Tuesday, except exhaustion.


Case of the Mondays

Last week was so busy, I just now realized I didn't blog my weekly TGIF post and with another rapid weekend behind us, it's suddenly August. Where does the time go?!

The weekend was filled with moving boxes {not my own, thankfully}, cupcakes, car dealerships, parties, and a pirate cove.

J put the captain's bed together with minimal help from yours truly, while I stained the mast and crow's nest black to match.

Here's a break down of the dent this re-creation has put in my pocketbook...

Captain's bed: $140
Rope ladder: $30
Mast: $7
Crow's nest: $10
Sail: $25.50
Paint/Stain: $55
Parrot: $3.50
Flag: $3.50
Map: $8
Treasure chest: $50
Bedding: $45

I'm pretty impressed with, not only how this is turning out, but how little it's actually costing. I could totally be a DIY show with a $500/room budget - people would eat it up, especially since I'm coming in under budget.

The closet doors will be red before I sleep tonight {that's the goal anyway} and hopefully, the few remaining items that are in transit will arrive this week. I'm also hoping to find a twin mattress on Craig's List that doesn't break the bank, but unfortunately, so far, it's been nothing but frustrating. I believe Sleep Savvy will be getting some business this evening.

Cheers to a speedy, stress free week!