Hooray we made it to Friday!

Our week was snail paced and quiet. I spent quite a bit of time this week with my favorite creative outlets; paper, baking, and organization. I designed and assembled wedding invitations, created a wedding cake sample menu, and finished organizing the Missi & Martha Matter. I also spent time gathering ideas for R's 6th birthday party and of course, watching the Suns take on the LA Losers in the Western Conference Finals.

God bless my incredible boyfriend, Steve, who managed to tie the play off series {up until last night} half blind and with a self adjusted broken nose. He's proved to the world that not only is he a phenomenal player, but he can do his job well with half a face. His perseverance and dedication are nothing short of inspiring. Big foam finger waves to Nashty, J. Rich, Hill, Amar'e, and all the boys for a heart stopping game 5 last night in LA. You've given us hope that we can win this series, even on their court. Welcome to Planet Orange, LA!

For Game 5 highlights, click here. Catch Game 6 {in Phoenix} on TNT tomorrow night at 5:30pm MST.

Between Steve and all of the brides-to-be that surround me, I was inspired to toss around the idea of a custom creative wedding detail company, perhaps calling it "Green Apple Designs". I seem to be surrounded by wedding bells these days between the three or four brides I frequently spend time with and that Shane Company spokesman who frequently advertises on my chosen radio station and it's all got me thinking...

There are stores that will attire your entire bridal party and dress makers sell hundreds of the same design, venues have menus of options, but they won't change their carpeting or wallpaper to suit your style, caterers probably serve up thousands of chicken dinners during prime wedding season, and a lily is still a lily no matter where it is or who is admiring it. A wedding should be more than just a pick-and-choose-from-these-set-options affair. It should be personalized to suit the taste and style of each couple merging their lives.

Wedding Invitation "Cancun" by Green Apple Design

Personalizing a wedding can easily come from the invitations, the table centerpieces, and the cake. When I have a thousand and two ideas in my head just floating around up there, why not bring them to life where they will be appreciated? I'm gonna give this some more thought over the next few weeks, in the meantime, if you have any ideas for me ~ send 'em my way and someone give Martha a head's up!

Cheers to a creative n' crafty three day weekend! Happy Memorial Day!

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