It's a treat-or-treat weekend for me. I've anxiously awaited for tonight's arrival ever since Roger Clyne announced a Halloween show at the D'Backs game last month. Tonight, in honor of Roger's appointed "When In Rome" theme, we don our toga's and olive leaves and head out to the Marquee for what's going to be a fabulous show.

Tomorrow, I am spending my first Halloween in three years with Dorothy and Toto, Captain R, and the Tooth Fairy. We're doing the ever so popular pizza and beg for free candy thing in Mimi's neighborhood.

Sunday, we're going to put our costumes back on - I be damned if they wear them only once a year! - and we'll see some pumpkins, ride a hay train, and get lost in a corn maze. It's going to be a very autumny weekend - chilly weather, I may get to wear my boots, and lots of pumpkin lattes!

Happy Halloween!


Case of the Mondays

Since last Monday, we've had an enema, a day off school, an asthma attack, a wine tasting, a birthday, severe allergies, a trip to the pediatrician, a loose gerbil in the car, and one of us was put on probation.

Let's start with last Monday... I was notified that R had had one too many potty accidents at the after school program and that they were not going to let him come back. I knew R's potty accidents weren't normal behavior for a 5-1/2 year old, I also knew that dad would never acknowledge his son had a problem, let alone take care of it. At last minute, I canceled work on Wednesday morning and we headed to the pediatrician. The conclusion: R is severely constipated.

We headed home where I was told to give him an enema, not one of our more pleasant moments, but it worked and he's been put on a strict laxative regimen until I get him into the pediatric g.i. doctor next month. I'll update again after the 23rd.

On Thursday, I went on my usual Thursday night run, but didn't exactly make it. I ran the furthest I had ever run and felt really good about it, but nature had a different plan. I had a moderate to severe asthma attack and ended up needing a ride home. The rest of the evening was unpleasant, but after 12 hours I had full use of my lungs again.

Saturday was the first annual Vino! Vino! Vino! event held in honor of grams and in support of the Phoenix Memory Walk 2009. We raised $200 for the cause and had a great time doing it.

Yesterday, I did absolutely nothing except rest. Eventually, I headed to Target, picked up a few necessities and A's Halloween costume {The Tooth Fairy}, met J for a late lunch, and picked up the kids. It was also E's 7th birthday. When I arrived at dad's house for the weekly swap, I was greeted by Miss Birthday and her gift, Pinkie Pie; a white and grey gerbil she had received that morning from dad. After a long discussion about pets, I decided E could bring Pinkie Pie home with her this one time {she just got her and it was her birthday}. Somewhere between Jamba Juice and home, the damn thing got loose in the car and was rolling about the floorboards in her ball. Sorry, Pinkie Pie, that was your last free ride in mom's van!

While I sit here in my t-shirt and shorts, with the A/C on, despite the severe allergies I have going on, I'm longing for the day when I can open the windows and welcome winter. I'm looking forward to making soups and ciders, snuggling in blankets, and wearing my new boots. Until then, I'll look forward to Friday's RCPM costume show at the Marquee and a weekend filled with fairy tale adventure and free candy!

Cheers to a cool week!


Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday! Not an hour went by that wasn't jam packed with fun this weekend...

On Saturday morning, I hugged my kids for the first time in two weeks and we spent the day running multiple errands with Mimi. From Halloween costumes, birthday decor, and wine tasting events, we managed to get all of our shopping and a lunch done with three kids by 1630. Not to shabby considering who the children were ;) When we got home, a quick dinner was had, the kids went to bed, and I stayed up really late cleaning, laundering, and preparing for the next morning...

At 0630 on Sunday, I had three babies in my bed snuggling with me. By 0709, I had three freshly bathed babies dressed and ready to rumble for the day... E's 7th Birthday Brunch Day!

The decorating, table arranging, and breakfast for 10 prep started at 0800 and by 1015 our favorite people started to arrive. It was a feast of treats! A western frittata, a blueberry french toast bake (pictured above, recipes will be posted on The Pot Luck Place today), bacon, sausage links, croissants, jams, honeys, orange juice, coffee, and milk were enjoyed followed by many presents for the birthday cowgirl.

After another colorful weekend and I'm a definitely happy today is calmer than usual.

Cheers to a serene week!


Run Forrest Run!

Day 3:
2.9 miles
42 minutes

After having read a few things online about running for beginners, I decided to approach training with a new game plan. Saturday morning, I stretched before I headed out at 0630 on the Chandler canal and instead of running every other song on my iPod and inadvertently killing myself, I kept count and alternated walking and running every two minutes. When I returned home, I noticed that not only was I able to keep this pace the entire time I was out, but the over heating when I got back wasn't as bad because I ended with walking - a "cool down", something I hadn't thought of before. So, with this in mind, I'm going to try and up my alternations to four minute increments by next Saturday. Wish me luck!


I Am Rocky


I decided I wanted to run the PF Chang's Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon last January, but it wasn't only until now, 13 weeks before the big event, that I've actually put some effort into training for it. Not my brightest idea, but hey, I'm not looking for a gold medal here, I just want to finish.

Keeping in mind that I have never run a day in my life, I don't think I'm off to such a bad start. Sure, it's one small step for Joan Benoit Samuelson, Olympic gold medalist, but a lot of steps in general for Missi, 95lb lazy ass. So, if anyone has anything inspirational to leave me, please do - I can use all the help I can get!

Day 1:
2.8 miles
37 minutes
I am going to die. I don't know the proper way to start these kinds of activities, nor do I know the proper way to end them, and it showed the second I walked in the door. My head started to feel like it was on fire and I dripped this salty water stuff I'd never seen before. I did what I knew best - I took my pants off and stood on a pile of Otter Pops until I finished a bottle of water. It worked, but there must be a better way to do this.

Day 2:
3.6 miles
47 minutes
First of all, Day 2 is supposed to be 2.5 miles (and Day 1 is supposed to be 2 miles), but I got lost; a very Missi thing to do! I left with more determination than that first run and found myself running for longer periods of time, alternating with speed walking; I ran every other song on my iPod almost completely and when I was almost home, I wanted to kill Kanye West for epic songs like Stronger, which runs over 5 minutes long. I also decided that my neighborhood is kind of scary to run at night alone; we have a lot of burnt out street lights. Don't worry, I carry a cell phone and mace, but I may start taking Higley with me because everyone knows chihuahua's are very scary when running at high speeds. I came home and had the same problem with over heating and wound up standing on Otter Pops again and I also figured out that the salty water stuff was actually sweat. Ew!

*Note: Yes, I realize Rocky Balboa was a boxer, but if you've ever played Nintendo's Punch-Out, you'd understand why I would associate running with the Rocky theme song.


Case of the Mondays, On Wednesday

After a Ya-Ya weekend in the cool California pines, I am back in this inferno we refer to as Arizona and am in the eye of a self-created tornado. This week at Chateau de Sparkles...

Halloween decorations must be dug out of the garage and put on display, Halloween costumes must be located and purchased, E's birthday party needs decorations, catering, and prep planning, R and A need birthday presents for their big sister, decorations and glamor pieces for Vino! Vino! Vino! need to be shopped for, The Shoe Carnival had it's grand opening last weekend - this must be checked out, and to top it all off, training for the PF Chang's Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon began last night and I literally have not a leg to stand on for more than ten minutes at a time.

This is more than enough busy for this one woman show so, I'd better get on it - code red!

Me, with my friends, Mom & Martin{i}.
Image: Me

Cheers to a quick week, but a slow weekend!


SHIT (So Happy It's Thursday)

Image: Flickr

Today is my Friday because on our traditional TGIF day of the week, I'll be here {see above}, I think.

Image: Expedia

I believe our final destination is Fish Camp, California, nestled somewhere between Fresno and Sacramento. Pretty, isn't it?

In preparation for a relaxing weekend in the pines of Californ-i-a, my plan is to run a few errands, clean my house, empty my fridge, and pack my suitcase this evening and tomorrow morning visit Jessica to spruce myself up with an autumn do {If you're in the East Valley and are looking for a hair stylist, send Jess a message - she's fabulous!} and I hope to squeeze in a mini manicure before we head to the airport.

I know nothing of the weekend activities, I've just been told to pack, get on the plane, and show up with a menu for Saturday night ~ opa! The rest remains a mystery...

Cheers to adventure!



I am thoroughly obsessed with the Gin Blossoms these days, although not a new discovery for me. This has been my favorite GB song since it was released 14 years ago...

I didn't ask
They shouldn't have told me
At first I'd laugh, but now
It's sinking in fast
Whatever they've sold me

Well baby I don't want to take advice from fools
I'll just figure everything is cool
Until I hear it from you

It gets hard
The memory's faded
Who gets what they say
It's likely they're just jealous and jaded

Well maybe I don't want to take advice from fools
I'll just figure everything is cool
Until I hear it from you
Until I hear it from you

I can't let it get me off
Or break up my train of thought
As far as I know, nothing's wrong
Until I hear it from you

Still thinking about not living without it
Outside looking in
Til we're talking about it, not stepping around it

I don't want to take advice from fools
I'll just figure everything is cool
Until I hear it from you...

- Jesse Valenzuela, Robin Wilson, and Marshall Crenshaw


Happy Monday

I'm back from an unadventurous weekend, but at least this one didn't involve a laser and Vicodin.

Image: Wastard

After a 5.3 mile hike up {and back down} South Mountain at 6 o'clock a.m., I spent the remaining hours of Saturday in Chandler picking up presents for myself. I am most excited about my new Nine West mustard leather handbag {specifically for the travel}, it zips closed and will hold all of the usual purse suspects plus traveling necessities; magazines, novel, sweater, camera etc.

I also purchased two button down cardigan sweaters, one black, one mustard, both of which I had been looking high and low for for weeks and both $10.50 {Missi admits to shopping, albeit uncomfortably, at Forever XXI}. I also found a purple sweater at Express, which I adore along with a navy ruffle tank on clearance for $7.99, that I couldnt' live without. I also used my $20 rewards coupon to spend $1.22 cash on new gold ballet flats at DSW. Score! It was a very successful retail therapy day; I may have had a break {the bank} through.

Saturday evening, I picked the kids up early and accompanied E to a birthday party. The details of this party are too disturbing to discuss. Let's just say we stayed a whole 27 minutes, of which E spent refusing to leave my lap. I have come to the conclusion that all future Ed Hardy invitations will be declined. After the longest 27 minutes of my life, the kids and I enjoyed a happier, calmer {and more sane} pizza with Uncle N and his family. E was wearing big boy undies! Very exciting.

On Sunday morning, E got up and headed out to learn how to ride her bike without the "little wheels" with Papa while Mimi, R, A, and I stayed home to drink coffee and flip through home decor magazines. Then Auntie J stopped by for a while to visit us and we eventually made it to the supermarket just after the Cowboys game started.

The lesson I learned Sunday was this: If you're going to have a serious discussion with someone, it's best to make sure neither party is at the supermarket, but instead far, far away from pastry goods, chocolate, gummies, and all other things indulgent. Thanks to one little question, I have pre-packaged donuts, golden Oreos, salt & vinegar potato chips, and 4 pounds of Red Vines, all beckoning, taunting, and teasing. I'm doing my best to ignore their presence. I learned other things as well, like Red Vines are fat free, the medical terms for the female anatomy, and that men are not only from Mars, but they cannot spell "team" correctly.

I decided yesterday that I'm going to spend a year in Italy visiting fountains, drinking fine wine, eating pasta and biscotti, and dancing with locals while I continue my search for la dulce vita. Today, I have decided to find a little bit of la dulce vita in every day.

Cheers to this week! May it be saporito!


Welcome October!

It's always happy Autumn at my house...

3 months

Happy 1st!

2 years, 3 months

3 years, 5 months