One Lovely Blog Award

I was given the "One Lovely Blog" Award by Becky at Golden Acorn Homeschool. Thanks a latte, Becky. I feel so honored.

As noted on her blog, there are a three rules to accepting this prestigious award:

~ Post a thank you to the person who awarded you and include their blog link.
~ Pay it forward to 10 - 15 other bloggers.
~ Comment the blog owners and award them.

Sadly, I don't know a lot of bloggers who regularly post, so I chose the loveliest of the ones who have posted within the last month. I wish I could award Becky in return, but the rules clearly state to "pay it forward," so without further ado here are several lovely blogs, in no particular order...

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Life's Simple Pleasures

Lilac & Ivy

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Krista Campbell Photography

All of these blogs are part of my Google Reader family and are a simple pleasure to read. Pass on the lovelies!


Case of the Moondays

Oh Monday, you've ruined a perfectly good weekend ~ again. C'est la vie, eh?

My little cupcakes and I spent the majority of the weekend in Queen Creek. Do you know how far Queen Creek is? My cell phone barely had service! We somehow managed to, despite being able to connect to the outside world, sneak in a few errands and a party. There were also wedding meetings and discussions, creative brainstorming, and deep thinking Jack Handey-style.

October is going to be the busiest Green Apple Design month to date and I can't wait! I have a marathon, a baby shower, a wedding, a reunion, charity event planning, three birthdays, a Mom, a vacation, a Halloween party, and an evening of tricks and treats all crammed into five weekends with work and play in between. I have four days to find my game face, but it's ON!

For starters, though, I'll focus on training for the Twilight Town Trek marathon this Saturday night. Wish me luck!

Cheers to the last weekend in September ~ may it be sweet!


Case of the Moondays

Not much happened in GrAppleDville over the weekend, which I spent the majority of sick and on the couch. Not so awesome.

This week will be spent working on important details for the October wedding, two March weddings, a November engagement party, and counting down the days until our Disney family vacation. Very awesome.

Stay tuned for details, but I hope to enter the state fair cupcake contest taste testing details. The citrus combinations to be tested are: grapefruit/orange, clementine/lemon, and orange/kumquat. Fingers crossed that one of them is a winner!

Cheers to a flavorful week!


new, New, NEW!

If you're wondering what happened to our Case of the Moonday post, our site has been under a slight bit of construction. I'd like to thank Designs by Kassie for all the wonderful magic she's put into this site!

I'm so pleased to debut Green Apple Design Event PACKAGES! Check out the added link above and tell me I'm cheap, which in this case, is a good thing.

The rest of this week, I'll be working on some final details surrounding my 10/10/10 wedding and on Saturday I have my second mock bridal shoot with photographer Jen Hoffman of A Thousand Words Photography. I can't wait to include some photos of the shoot in the next few weeks.

Green Apple life couldn't get any sweeter ~ thank you for being here! Cheers!



Whew! For a short week, it sure was long! On a personal note, I hate Monday holidays; between custody schedules and school hours, I only had my two oldest kids for SIX hours this week. Blech. If I wasn't counting down to our family vacation already, I certainly am now ~ an entire two weeks spent with my babies!

Green Apple extends huge congratulations to Allie & AJ on their engagement! Another March wedding is on our files and I couldn't be more excited. Having known Allie since our junior high days, I don't think I've ever seen her happier.

Bravo à votre belle vie!

Cheers to a fabulous sunshiny weekend with sweet aromas! Be sweet!


Case of the Moondays

Sure, it's "technically" Tuesday, but for most of us the work week is just beginning and today is Moonday, complete with case of. Thanks Labor Day!

Over the weekend, which was extended by Friday too, VIP and I headed to Sin City. Having only seen Las Vegas on television or in the movies, I was in awe. From the people to the extravagant architecture, everything was so big and over done! I couldn't imagine living there; no quiet, no structure, no grown up behavior... I dubbed Vegas "Disneyland for Sinners" and "Perfect for the ADHD'd" It's certainly something to be taken in small doses only and four days was a bit much, I was ready to be home with my babies by Sunday night.

When we arrived, we had planned on making a stop at the Neon Sign Museum. By definition, a museum is a place where people pay money to walk around a facility and look at cool stuff. By Vegas definition, a museum is a place where reservations are required and you aren't even getting an address if you don't already have one. So, albeit disappointed, my first impression of Vegas was spot on: ridiculous. We spent the remainder of the afternoon at The World's Largest Gift Shop {truly the world's largest, it was a three hour adventure} followed by napping. {PS: Best Thai food ever over at Jasmine's in Summerlin. Good call, A!} When the night life began, we went over to the Freemont Street Experience and enjoyed drinks along the former strip and ended the night at Nu.

A trip to Vegas is not complete without a photo taken with "show girls".

According to my itinerary {complete with pre-planned outfit; I have a major case of Traveling OCD}, Saturday was designated to eating breakfast at Blueberry Hill {voted Best Breakfast of Vegas, 2010} and Strutting the Strip and that we did. From the gardens at the Bellagio to screaming "tigers love pepper!" at Caesar's Palace, I'm pretty sure we covered it all and walked about 35 miles in the process. Saturday ended with a rockin' three hour and 35 minute show at the House of Blues. Unfortunately, they didn't allow cameras, but I can tell all of you RCPM fans, you missed a hell of a good time!

Two words: Yard and Drink.

Above photo is courtesy of Abby Dabby Super Jo Photography and her iPhone

Now, this is where my trip goes a little awry, but ends well. Sunday was scheduled to be pool recovery day, but there were no hangovers and we never did locate the pool, so instead we made reservations at Joe's Stone Crab for lunch {Best. Lunch. EVER!} and caught what little strip we previously missed {like The Beatles!}. By mid afternoon, we were headed back to our hotel because my Steve Madden's were not kind and we had collected a complete set of hooker trading cards, so the fun was over anyway.

About hooker trading cards: In Arizona, day laborers gather in groups on street corners and quietly wait to be picked up for work. In Las Vegas, day laborers gather on street corners to aggressively pass out prostitute business cards and brochure's to innocent tourists.

Fab Five at The Mirage

Sunday night, before we saw Vegas from atop the Eiffel Tower, we met with my dear friend, B for dinner at Mon Ami Gabi in our hotel lobby and afterward, we walked across the street to take in the Bellagio fountain show, all of us for the first time. The combination of the three was a fabulous way to end a fabulously glittery weekend.

B & Me

Bellagio Fountains

From atop the Eiffel

The fun was over Monday at 8:15 when we said goodbye to our hotel, goodbye to a pretty deserted strip, and hello to Phoenix. First stop: pedi.

Now, we're back to a somewhat normal schedule and it's Tuesday, so the week is already off to a great start. Work, school, homework, dinners, meetings, cupcakes, birthday parties, and coffee... here's to normalcy. Cheers!

Viva Las Vegas!