Case of the Mondays

Turns out my half blind boyfriend is better than the entire San Antonio squad. We rock. And it's about time. A Suns sweep was the best Mother's Day present EVER. Thanks, Nash!

On Friday, the Suns won game #3 in SA and when the announcement was made on the D'Backs megatron {megatron, jumbotron, optimus prime, whatevs}, the crowd went wild. The D'Backs, however, not so lucky against the Brewer's. The BREWER'S. Regardless of score, it was a fun game and the seats were exciting; I swear I almost died five times by foul ball, and I had the best company a girl could ask for at a ball game: three hot dudes. I'm such a pimp.

13 years may have come and gone, but Saturday was as if B and I hadn't missed a thing. She's just as pretty as I remembered and her kids - OMG ADORABLE! They're like celebrities; we'd never met, but I know everything about them {thanks Facebook!}. Finally {and briefly} meeting them was amazing and crazy simultaneously and seeing B for the first time in over a decade was just as amazing, if not more. We decided that when we get together, big things happen. The last time we were in the same room, we were hugging goodbye at Sky Harbor after having spent three weeks abroad running amuck the streets of Europe. This time, permanent memories of permanent ink.

B chose a meaningful scripture to tattoo on her foot, accompanied by a dove, and it turned out beautiful. I chose three green apples to tattoo on the back of my calf to represent the three green apples of my eye. 2-1/2 hours and two days later, I'm still sore, but incredibly pleased with the result. If you're looking, I highly recommend visiting Brianna at No Regrets in Tempe.

As far as Sunday goes... I loathe Mother's Day. For me, there are no gifts, no cards, no flowers, there's no sleeping in, no breakfast in bed, no appreciation, and no recognition from my children. The single parent gets the shaft. A wise woman told me today, "In time, your children will grow up - and when they are older they will celebrate you. In the meantime, try to take Mother's Day as a chance to reflect on BEING a mother, to be grateful for the friends in your life who "mother" and nurture you - and to celebrate all women." While banning the holiday from my house sounds brilliant right now, I'm thinking I should take this advice and celebrate all women - not just mother's - every year until my kids are old enough to appreciate their own ridiculous mother.

In the meantime, since my kids are still too little to understand, I decided to make at least the morning portion of my day special by not cooking or cleaning up breakfast. Instead, the kids and I enjoyed breakfast with Mimi & Papa at Mimi's Cafe and when the Mother's Day celebrating was over {11am}, our regular scheduled programming resumed with regular Sunday activity. Supermarket, cleaning, laundry, froyo.

Despite the fighting, tantrums, non-listening ears, and flat out refusals to brush teeth, it wasn't a horrible day; just a difficult one. When you're dealing with a Scorpio, a Gemini, and a 4 year old, you really can't expect much different.

To the Mother's before me, including my own, and the Mother's that surround me:
Thank you for being my role models, my inspiration, and for teaching me how to do this crazy job {and still lurve it}. I hope you enjoyed your day!

And here we are with a case of the Monday's. The start of another May week - MAY! - and the beginning of triple digit weather. Stay cool and let the week unfold. Cheers!

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