Case of the Mondays

Last week was so busy, I just now realized I didn't blog my weekly TGIF post and with another rapid weekend behind us, it's suddenly August. Where does the time go?!

The weekend was filled with moving boxes {not my own, thankfully}, cupcakes, car dealerships, parties, and a pirate cove.

J put the captain's bed together with minimal help from yours truly, while I stained the mast and crow's nest black to match.

Here's a break down of the dent this re-creation has put in my pocketbook...

Captain's bed: $140
Rope ladder: $30
Mast: $7
Crow's nest: $10
Sail: $25.50
Paint/Stain: $55
Parrot: $3.50
Flag: $3.50
Map: $8
Treasure chest: $50
Bedding: $45

I'm pretty impressed with, not only how this is turning out, but how little it's actually costing. I could totally be a DIY show with a $500/room budget - people would eat it up, especially since I'm coming in under budget.

The closet doors will be red before I sleep tonight {that's the goal anyway} and hopefully, the few remaining items that are in transit will arrive this week. I'm also hoping to find a twin mattress on Craig's List that doesn't break the bank, but unfortunately, so far, it's been nothing but frustrating. I believe Sleep Savvy will be getting some business this evening.

Cheers to a speedy, stress free week!

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