Case of the Mondays

After a very busy weekend, my usual case of the Mondays has decided to travel with us into Tuesday.

Saturday was exciting. I spent some time at the car dealership and ended up with the best deal in the state on my new-to-me automobile. I should hear back from the finance department today, they were waiting for copies of my 2007/08 tax returns. Keep your fingers crossed!

I spent most of my Sunday at Makutu's Island with the McNuggets. We arrived just after breakfast and left five hours later. Then, it was time to head out for Depeche Mode. Jennie and I rode the Metro {the photo above is a reflection in Metro glass}, enjoyed a Stella, and totally jammed. If there was ever a man I'd want to dance with, it would definitely be Dave Gahan.

Cheers to a rockin' week!

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