Case of the Mondays

Image: Colton J. Chestnut

I had the most productive Saturday. I cleaned out the garage in three hours, put one hundred miles on my car running necessary errands, and had my car inspected by my mechanic {which, by the way, lead to less than thrilling results}. On Sunday, my new garage door opener was programmed {thanks Dad!} and I made successful trips to TJ Maxx and Dillard's. I also got a Joey Tribbiani 'ow you doin'? at Lowe's while browsing the irrigation department with J, who managed to escape for less than a buck {what guy leaves a hardware store without spending at least 99 cents?!}.

While Saturday seemed to drag, Sunday flew by, leading us back to just another manic Monday and leaving me in bewilderment over tomorrow's arrival of September. Where does time go? Seriously.

Cheers to a productive, fly-by kind of week!

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