Single Mom Complaint #329

Tuesday. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. Oh Tuesday.

Mondays are great. I'm off work early, I'm hanging out with my kids, and Monday Movie Night is always a good time, starting with a picnic in the living room. Wednesdays are great too. I have a lighter load at work, my kids sleep in a wee bit, and at 5 o'clock they go to their dad's house for the remainder of the week. It's that day in between the two that does a fabulous wear 'n tear job on my sanity.

Tuesdays are, by far, my busiest day during waking hours and it starts at sun-up. My house is quickly turned upside down by the curious and busy bodies of toddlers and clean up always seems to fall into the hands of mom {unless E is feeling particularly light in the wallet}. By 6:30pm, I've already wondered several times if I've sat down yet, used the restroom, or eaten anything.

Tuesday has also been deemed as "Baby Maintenance Day"; as in cabooses, hair, nails, and ears are all bathed, trimmed, washed, and inspected by Inspector Number 0417 {moi}. After a long day, this is not exactly what you want to do. Especially when there is a dinner table to clean off, dishes to tend to, laundry to sort, and a floor that desperately needs mopping. No, you want to sit down, relax, sip a cool beverage, check your social network, and flip the channels.

No ma'am, there is nothing spectacular about Tuesday, except exhaustion.

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