Case of the Mondays, On Wednesday

After a Ya-Ya weekend in the cool California pines, I am back in this inferno we refer to as Arizona and am in the eye of a self-created tornado. This week at Chateau de Sparkles...

Halloween decorations must be dug out of the garage and put on display, Halloween costumes must be located and purchased, E's birthday party needs decorations, catering, and prep planning, R and A need birthday presents for their big sister, decorations and glamor pieces for Vino! Vino! Vino! need to be shopped for, The Shoe Carnival had it's grand opening last weekend - this must be checked out, and to top it all off, training for the PF Chang's Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon began last night and I literally have not a leg to stand on for more than ten minutes at a time.

This is more than enough busy for this one woman show so, I'd better get on it - code red!

Me, with my friends, Mom & Martin{i}.
Image: Me

Cheers to a quick week, but a slow weekend!

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