I Am Rocky


I decided I wanted to run the PF Chang's Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon last January, but it wasn't only until now, 13 weeks before the big event, that I've actually put some effort into training for it. Not my brightest idea, but hey, I'm not looking for a gold medal here, I just want to finish.

Keeping in mind that I have never run a day in my life, I don't think I'm off to such a bad start. Sure, it's one small step for Joan Benoit Samuelson, Olympic gold medalist, but a lot of steps in general for Missi, 95lb lazy ass. So, if anyone has anything inspirational to leave me, please do - I can use all the help I can get!

Day 1:
2.8 miles
37 minutes
I am going to die. I don't know the proper way to start these kinds of activities, nor do I know the proper way to end them, and it showed the second I walked in the door. My head started to feel like it was on fire and I dripped this salty water stuff I'd never seen before. I did what I knew best - I took my pants off and stood on a pile of Otter Pops until I finished a bottle of water. It worked, but there must be a better way to do this.

Day 2:
3.6 miles
47 minutes
First of all, Day 2 is supposed to be 2.5 miles (and Day 1 is supposed to be 2 miles), but I got lost; a very Missi thing to do! I left with more determination than that first run and found myself running for longer periods of time, alternating with speed walking; I ran every other song on my iPod almost completely and when I was almost home, I wanted to kill Kanye West for epic songs like Stronger, which runs over 5 minutes long. I also decided that my neighborhood is kind of scary to run at night alone; we have a lot of burnt out street lights. Don't worry, I carry a cell phone and mace, but I may start taking Higley with me because everyone knows chihuahua's are very scary when running at high speeds. I came home and had the same problem with over heating and wound up standing on Otter Pops again and I also figured out that the salty water stuff was actually sweat. Ew!

*Note: Yes, I realize Rocky Balboa was a boxer, but if you've ever played Nintendo's Punch-Out, you'd understand why I would associate running with the Rocky theme song.

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