Case of the Mondays

Since last Monday, we've had an enema, a day off school, an asthma attack, a wine tasting, a birthday, severe allergies, a trip to the pediatrician, a loose gerbil in the car, and one of us was put on probation.

Let's start with last Monday... I was notified that R had had one too many potty accidents at the after school program and that they were not going to let him come back. I knew R's potty accidents weren't normal behavior for a 5-1/2 year old, I also knew that dad would never acknowledge his son had a problem, let alone take care of it. At last minute, I canceled work on Wednesday morning and we headed to the pediatrician. The conclusion: R is severely constipated.

We headed home where I was told to give him an enema, not one of our more pleasant moments, but it worked and he's been put on a strict laxative regimen until I get him into the pediatric g.i. doctor next month. I'll update again after the 23rd.

On Thursday, I went on my usual Thursday night run, but didn't exactly make it. I ran the furthest I had ever run and felt really good about it, but nature had a different plan. I had a moderate to severe asthma attack and ended up needing a ride home. The rest of the evening was unpleasant, but after 12 hours I had full use of my lungs again.

Saturday was the first annual Vino! Vino! Vino! event held in honor of grams and in support of the Phoenix Memory Walk 2009. We raised $200 for the cause and had a great time doing it.

Yesterday, I did absolutely nothing except rest. Eventually, I headed to Target, picked up a few necessities and A's Halloween costume {The Tooth Fairy}, met J for a late lunch, and picked up the kids. It was also E's 7th birthday. When I arrived at dad's house for the weekly swap, I was greeted by Miss Birthday and her gift, Pinkie Pie; a white and grey gerbil she had received that morning from dad. After a long discussion about pets, I decided E could bring Pinkie Pie home with her this one time {she just got her and it was her birthday}. Somewhere between Jamba Juice and home, the damn thing got loose in the car and was rolling about the floorboards in her ball. Sorry, Pinkie Pie, that was your last free ride in mom's van!

While I sit here in my t-shirt and shorts, with the A/C on, despite the severe allergies I have going on, I'm longing for the day when I can open the windows and welcome winter. I'm looking forward to making soups and ciders, snuggling in blankets, and wearing my new boots. Until then, I'll look forward to Friday's RCPM costume show at the Marquee and a weekend filled with fairy tale adventure and free candy!

Cheers to a cool week!

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