SHIT (So Happy It's Thursday)

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Today is my Friday because on our traditional TGIF day of the week, I'll be here {see above}, I think.

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I believe our final destination is Fish Camp, California, nestled somewhere between Fresno and Sacramento. Pretty, isn't it?

In preparation for a relaxing weekend in the pines of Californ-i-a, my plan is to run a few errands, clean my house, empty my fridge, and pack my suitcase this evening and tomorrow morning visit Jessica to spruce myself up with an autumn do {If you're in the East Valley and are looking for a hair stylist, send Jess a message - she's fabulous!} and I hope to squeeze in a mini manicure before we head to the airport.

I know nothing of the weekend activities, I've just been told to pack, get on the plane, and show up with a menu for Saturday night ~ opa! The rest remains a mystery...

Cheers to adventure!

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