If there's one thing you can count on in this world, it's smiles on Friday. It's been a fairly quiet week for Green Apple, but a pretty busy week for me {which would explain the smiles on Friday}.

On Monday morning, I taught my son a very important life skill, which he picked up rather quickly and now every five minutes, he's tying and untying and retying his sneakers. I'm such a proud mama! Later that day, my babies, VIP and I enjoyed an evening of Meet the Teacher and pizza...

On Tuesday, I filled a Red Velvet order and did a little shopping. E decided she wanted Converse like mom & VIP for the first day of school because they matched her "first day outfit better", so we picked up some black ones that she is currently working off by doing chores.

Random note: Did you know Costco has the best swirl froyo in all the land?! It's better than Ikea. File that away for future reference.

Wednesday brought the first day of school for my big kids and a day at the zoo for my youngest, who insisted she needed a new lunchbox too...

On Thursday, I had migraine number five since activating my Droid Incredible two weeks ago. I have since put myself back on my preventative migraine vitamin regimen as prescribed by the neuro doc and have an eye appointment this month to make sure that's not the problem. If you have Droidaches, I highly suggest downloading the Headache Journal app to keep track. My neuro doc always suggests keeping track of headaches now for a better evaluation later and I love this app!

All of this brings us to today. Oh Friday, how I missed you. I keep feeling like there's something I need to be baking, but I don't have any orders written down for this week. Next week, I do. The week after that, I do. The week after that, I do and so on and so forth. I guess this is just the calm before the storm, eh? I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Missi & VIP's Day of Fun, after I get home from a massage and facial at the spa {I knew Day 16 of 30 Before 30 was going to spoil me!}...

Cheers to a beautiful weekend!

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