30 Before 30

Question: how many 30th birthdays do you get? Answer: one.

Last week, I got to thinking about what have I done over the last decade and the answer was: a hell of a lot. I went to college, built a high tolerance for alcohol, shotgunned it down the aisle, gave birth three times, testified for myself in divorce court, took a self discovery course in a ghetto part of town, got my ass kicked by love and lived to tell the tale, began my life over from scratch with three kids in tow, started a successful home-based business, bought my first car, experienced the weirdos of internet dating, learned stuff, grew stuff, discarded crappy stuff, and still managed to walk away unscathed and, more importantly, unjaded. *smile*

Having said that, I've decided to celebrate my survival of a roller coaster decade by welcoming the next ten by doing something for myself everyday for my last month as a 20-something super girl. No task too big or too small, no limit unobtainable, no idea too crazy or too tame; this is the swan song of my 2nd decade on Earth and, no worries, it'll be photo blogged.

30 Before 30: The Unofficial List

1. I have a big fear of preparing shellfish, so I'm going to conquer that by steaming mussels. If I end up ordering pizza for dinner, I won't be entirely shocked.

2. I rather enjoy an evening among books and I hardly ever get to just sit, so I've decided I should spend at least one evening, in a bookstore, with a latte. More specifically, Bookman's and a green tea latte.

3. By 29, most of you have already experienced some sort of massage {yes, I count physical therapy; no, I don't count pedicures}, well I haven't. I'm going to get a massage... from a legitimate place, not the Rub n' Tug around the corner.

4. Since I have my kids half of my weekday evenings, I had to come up with a few ideas to enjoy with them or after they went to bed. Watching an old favorite movie and sipping a glass of wine is one of them. Not only is it for myself, but it's a nice quiet evening by myself.

5. Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers are coming to town in the middle of this 30 day adventure. You can always count me in for a Roger show.

6. Like Roger Clyne, I'm a huge fan of Neil Diamond. So just a few days after my rock with Rog, I'll be at the Broadway Palm to enjoy Neil Diamond cover band, AZ Diamond. Cherry, cherry...

7. Because of all the rain lately, I haven't had a good solid nap on my patio couch. This is definitely a must for a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's also been on my To Do list since January.

8. What's more me than a pedicure, manicure, and a latte? Almost nothing.

9. Downtown Phoenix hosts an evening of artists, fanfare, and fun every First Friday. The last time I went, the experience was 2/3's terrific and 1/3 horrific. I want an all around fabulous First Friday experience April 2nd.

10. Remember when I said I purchased two tickets to attend Trapeze U? I think this is the perfect time to use those vouchers.

11. There are somethings in Arizona that a native should experience and since I'm not big into the Grand Canyon {really, what's the big deal about a giant hole in the ground?}, I've opted to check out Desert Botanical Gardens instead.

12. I do believe that now is a great time to free fall from 13,000 feet. Skydive Arizona, here we come!

13. After falling from high altitudes, I figure it'll be time for laying low and some good food. I lurve Indian cuisine and having gotten a pretty good handle on paneer and masala sauce, I want to make a new Indian dish. Even if it's as simple as hummus {which I haven't made yet}.

14. I have already purchased tickets to the Suns v. Spurs, it just so happens to fall 10 days before my birthday. Go NASH!

15. Ideally, I would like to find a sitter to watch the girls one night so I can take R out for a mother/son evening. R loves Peter Piper Pizza. Coincidentally...

16. I would also like to find a sitter for R so I can take the girls out for some frills as well. I'm sure they would love to get a mini mani/pedi and a Starbucks with Mom.

17 - 18. I'm going to assume that Sister Night still stands during these 30 days, given our every other week schedule, which gives me two Sister Nights during this last month. Maybe one of those nights, we can go somewhere other than "the usual".

19. I'm a big advocate for preparing and trying new dishes, especially ones that you wouldn't normally prepare at home. I think the art of cut sushi is something to experiment with. I'm part Ninja, so it should be second nature.

20. On my actual birthday, I'll be at the Great Arizona Picnic, but not before...

21. I do my part to prevent drunk driving accidents by participating in the MADD 5K.

22-25. Throw in a few game and pizza nights with the kids. The rebellious ones where we skip the bath and make rootbeer floats instead. Hey, I'm still a mom, remember?

26. I haven't had a whole lot of experience with foreign films, but my absolute favorite is El Orfanato. I'm going to do one more Netflix and vino evening, but this time with a foreign film. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

27. Learn how to play poker. It may not be a big deal to you, but it's a huge deal to me. I'm going to up the ante and maybe next time I won't ask if someone if they would like salsa with those chips! {I still say it was a stupid idea to name game pieces after snack food.}

28. Kick the Starbucks-a-Day habit. It's sad when the drive-thru kids know your order based on your answer to "Hey, welcome to Starbucks, how are you doing today?" At least I'm not ordering coffee!

29. Change a light bulb. It's high time I learned to do simple things without fear. Twice I have changed light bulbs and twice they have shattered; once in my hand, once at my feet, both times ending with shed blood. With that kind of luck, I usually just let them burn out and beg the next person of testosterone to walk through my door to change it for me. I should also probably get over my fear of the garbage disposal, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

30. I have a huge issue with trusting people. Thankfully, I already know about this little "challenge" and if you ask GI Joe, knowing is half the battle. Part of it stems from my former teenage years, part of it stems from a marriage that was flushed, and part of it stems from the horrible relationships I've had since. All of it comes from being lied to, being neglected, and being hurt. When I finally found the balls to trust someone, that one time, said person shattered me so completely it took three years to pick up the pieces and I think I'm finally ready to give this trust thing with another shot. Fabulous person in mind, I'm gonna open up that can of worms so that maybe while celebrating the last 30 days of my 30's, my swan song will be a duet.

The fun starts March 17th!

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