Case of the Moondays

Monday always comes around too soon...

I spent a lovely Sunday Funday with VIP lounging around all morning and later taking the kids to visit his family for a bite to eat and a swim. Before all the fun started, I had a very productive meeting with adorable pair, J & P, in regards to their October wedding. Like always, I'm excited to see the final result of the planning process and their smiling faces at the beginning of their new journey together. Before October arrives though, I must survive the rest of this month!

There was a calm before the storm this past weekend and with nothing to bake or prep, I wasn't sure what to do with myself. I'm pretty sure the oven felt neglected as well. This week, I have two parties to sweeten up; a prelude to next week when I will be baking up a storm to fulfill eight cake orders on time. I knew someday I'd be able to explain the cupcake n' crossbones tattoo very clearly: I'm a Bonny with batter. Watch it, Sailor....

Nothing exciting this week that I know of. So, may your week be filled with all the things that make you happy. Cheers!

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