Project Update

For those of you that have been following me, you know I was going to attempt a little project with Martha Stewart. I gave in to the idea of cooking and tasting meat, I compiled, I scheduled, I researched, I made lists, I double checked them, I remade them, I exhausted myself reading the Martha Stewart Collection of Everyday Recipes and I concluded this project was Mission Impossible. Seriously, Martha, who considers five tier wedding cakes or hor d'eourves for 200 as everyday recipes?! Bitch is crazy. I hereby forfeit the Missi n' Martha Project and welcome...


Back story {aka Why I Love This Project}: Eight years ago, my daughter E was born a little early and enjoyed an extended stay in the NICU. When we finally brought her home, she came with her own home hospital set up and was on a strict schedule of biliruben lights, temperature gauging, and feedings. This routine ultimately turned me into the "Queen of the Clock" and we lived on Post-It Notes, calendars, white boards, alarms, and charts. My heart was worried, my OCD was completely satisfied. It was during this time that I discovered the convenience of the crock pot and I started making dinner at a time that was convenient for me, but a year of crock pot eating {YEAR!} will eventually drive your taste buds insane. That, my friends, is a lot of chicken and dumplin's. So, when we moved to a cable ready house, I spent a lot of down time watching the Food Network and falling in love with Rachael Ray's conception: the 30 minute meal. You can make an entire, healthy meal in 30 minutes?! I have 30 minutes!

Before I had a family to feed, I had never really cooked before {tossing in a pot and turning it on low for 8 hours is NOT my idea of cooking} and the first time I tried a RR recipe, it exceeded my slotted 30 minutes and E missed her bath time. Disgruntled and way off schedule, I began to rethink this genius idea and I ended up convinced that RR recipes were for the experienced home chef or just the product of wishful thinking and a staff of food prep elves.

Seven years later, with a little more experience in my apron pockets, I think I have a pretty good handle on cooking. I've answered some of my own questions, made up some of my own recipes, and taught E a few kitchen basics to survival. However, since that fateful day of disaster in which I turned a 30 minute meal into a 130 minute meal, my success with RR recipes have been hit and miss and I've always wondered which ones really only took 30 minutes. Here's my chance...

In 2009, RR published Book of 10: More than 300 Recipes to Cook Everyday and I'm taking it on in my new project, Racing Rachael: Testing The 30 Minute Theory and it's coming soon! Anyone want to place bets?

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