This has been a week full of interesting.

On Monday, my ex-husband, who would much rather eat nails than ask me for a favor {not because I'd turn him down, but because he's just like that}, actually succumbed to what I would imagine to be his last resort. This brought up two immediate thoughts: 1) Every family has an a**hole and he's mine. Damn that little word 'family'! 2) Do I need a coat? Hell has obviously frozen over. The result was a day spent with his fourth child, who apparently eats off silver spoons and, heaven forbid, someone should need to use both hands simultaneously. I learned to say 'just a little spoiled' in five different languages.

Sometime between cleaning up pizza and tuning into Dr. Drew this past Tuesday, I decided that the level of "easy" I've found with my VIP was not only okay, but really good. That six hour phone conversations were normal when you put it into the perspective that there's 30 years to catch up on. That this kind of comfortable is comparable to that of my favorite napping spot. That this kind of easy actually is easy and it's supposed to be like this and I'm more than okay with it. Who knew?!

Wednesday morning, my brave little Metal Head, A, had the staples removed from her hard knock noggin. While I missed out on getting to take her in, Mimi informed me that she was a brave little nugget who shed no tears, nor batted an eye. That's my tough lil' cupcake! I guess my days of referring to her as Office Depot and Swingline are over.

After work, VIP and I went shopping for new running shoes. I hadn't realized how heavy my so-called light weight trailblazing Nike's were compared to shoes that were solely meant for running {pun totally intended}. After searching high and low in Chandler retail stores and discovering that no one carried my shoe of choice in both correct size and color; I ordered online...
BEHOLD! My new Nike Dual Fusion RN kicks in lime green. I am going to ROCK the canal and VIP will occasionally join me in his equally as cool gray & orange Lunarglide's {I keep referring to our shoes peas & carrots; they're that orange}. I'm a little jealous that his shoes are Nike+ and mine aren't. *sigh* Oh well, for the uber comfy sneaks in this awesome as-seen-from-outer-space color, I'm perfectly content running with a pouch tucked under my laces. Speaking of shoes, VIP and I also have His and Hers Chuck Taylors; black and hot pink. Have I mentioned I lurve shoes?

I also managed to make my 30 Before 30 calendar to post on my fridge. I can't wait to start checking things off... in glitter... next week!

Thankfully, Thursday passed without a hiccup and here we are at Friday, anxiously awaiting the first sunny weekend in almost a month. I love rain, I do, but I bought a round-trip ticket to Seattle on purpose and I would like to do something outdoors this month. So, I'm hoping for a slow sunshiny weekend with very little commitments; just a celebratory lunch and VIP time with no particular plan.

However, if I were to make plans for the weekend, the East Valley event calendar is endless! I'd check out at least one of the following events: The Ostrich Festival to watch the ostrich races while eating bbq'd ostrich because that's not disturbing in any way; The Aloha Festival is a guaranteed lei {hee hee}; Carnaval Brasil celebrates Brazil with food, costumes, and live music; stuff your face at the Devoured Culinary Festival, but pack a wheel barrow so you have transportation back to your vehicle; mingle among our granola... er, local artists, who spend one weekend a year not littering the streets of Mill Ave, at the Scottsdale Arts Festival; head slightly northeast and drink in the Fountain Hills St. Patrick's Festival, complete with a giant green water fountain, which is supposed to be 'ahhh' inducing, but ends up looking like shooting sewage; and I'd definitely entertain the idea of attending the BeagleFest, if I was into low riser puppies.

Cheers to a long, relaxing, do as you please weekend with option!

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