Case of the Mondays

The weekend was just what I needed. Quiet with sunshine.

Friday night, VIP and I spent some time at the mall doing a bit of retail therapy with purpose and after making purchases, we were lucky enough to catch the last available table and the last {and wildest} half of the Suns game at Majerle's. Even though, we lost to the Lakers {BOO!}, it was a great evening thanks to Thunder Dan's amazing fries. It goes without saying that the company is always first noted on the what makes an evening amazing list.

I spent Saturday morning sipping coffee and chatting with my very best, most favorite, sparkliest first grade teacher. It's always bewildering how fast three hours can pass when with your favorite people. Saturday afternoon was spent celebrating a thirtieth birthday party at the House of Tricks in Tempe. I may be going back, and not just for atmosphere; the grilled salmon was divine. I was also approached by a single male party attender, which only confirmed how lucky I am to have sweet, charming, happy VIP {not that I needed confirmation, I already knew this}, with whom I've never done the awkward small talk thing and for that I am incredibly grateful.

Saturday night, after a day of running amuck different parts of town, VIP and I dined at the Cornish Pasty Co. and then drove up to Camelback Mountain to check out the sparkly view of our native metropolis. From there, we found Rustler's Roost, Tempe Marketplace, Sun Devil Stadium, A Mountain, and our childhood neighborhoods. That's when we realized that we'd been less than 15 miles apart almost our entire lives.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day. VIP took me home to meet his parents {which was ultimately to drop off his dad's celly telly, left behind from their manly day together at the Good Guys Auto Show on Saturday}. From there we visited our favorite dealer in green, with whom I have a sushi date with on Thursday, and I walked away with another $32 in Girl Scout cookies. We also managed to sneak in some light shopping at Sports Authority and Chandler Mall before ending our day over a spaghetti dinner with the kids. I also started a VIP box without anyone noticing {you know it's something when she starts a box}.

It's Spring Break and mama's up to her ears in shorties. Wish me luck! May the week go by swiftly and smoothly with little whine and lots of vino. Cheers!


  1. You're such a link dropper...jeez...

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Looking forward to Tuesday!

  2. I drop the links for my Nanny in Atlanta and my mom, who may or may not know stuff ;) See you in an hour ~ can't wait!