Day 4


Penchant. Aggiunta. 常習. Neigung. Apego. Addiction. You know you have one if the drive thru kids know your order based on the sound of your engine. "Venti, extra hot, green tea latte, Miss Nissan Quest?"

Okay, so the above is not entirely true, but there have been days when I drive thru twice in an eight hour period and I've been asked through the speaker, "Were you hear earlier?" I'm going to assume this is only because venti, extra hot, green tea lattes aren't that popular.

My favorite song about Starbucks.

I added it up once, last month, $42.78 in one week. That number stood up out of my calculator and smacked me across the face. It was then that I decided that this aggiunta needed to be kicked to the curb.

My first homemade latte: $0.89

So far, it's been 24 hours and even though, I didn't have the urge to drive thru Starbucks once over the weekend, it's all I can think about now. It's how I'm wired {pun intended}.

This is me. At the original Starbucks in Seattle, February 2010.

Raising Starkids.

This is me. 26 days before 30. Sipping a homemade latte at 2:45pm.

After a trip to a foreign country {Lee Lee's Asian Supermarket}, I discovered the makings of a perfect Green Tea Latte with Greenmax Boba Milk Tea Powder. The recipe is posted on my food blog. Happy tasting!

Random sunshine:
I should rent a zebra for the day.

People expect me to play all day {and they pay me for it!}. How lucky am I? Thankful today for all the cool parents who allow me to play with their babies all day. Seriously world's coolest job.

30 Before 30 continues with Day 5: Stay tuned manana...


  1. OMG! How did you find that song? Hilarious!

  2. I have Kristin Chenoweth's album, "As I Am". It's track 13 :)

  3. That is the funniest song I have ever heard.