Day 5


At several points, during this whole 30 Before 30 project, there will be times when it's not super glittery, extraordinary, or over the top fantastic as I am responsible for three other beings half the week that expect a hot meal, clean laundry, bedtime stories, homework assistance, and refills in the Touch n' Brush. Therefore, any ideas I have about running with the bulls or cliff diving will have to take back burner until the next birthday to-do list when they're a little more self sufficient. It's a good thing that I only ever promised myself a little sparkle everyday, fully aware that some days would have more than others.

Tonight, VIP came over and surprised the kids just by being here. We picked up Buono's pizza, got a math lesson using coins, and made root beer floats. We were supposed to play Scrabble Jr, but the kids had different ideas and by the time everyone settled down, it was bedtime. Hey, we still have routine it's a school night! And that was that.

The girls enjoyed their Root Beer Floats. R denied the paparazzi.

VIP & I. We're sippin'.

This is me. 25 days before 30. Root beer floatin'.

Random Sunshine:
Listening ears are golden ears.

Sunshine. It rained all day... again. More pissed than blue, I didn't see the rain coming and therefore, didn't put the tarp over my love seat outback. It'll dry, right?

30 Before 30
continues manana with Day 6...

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