Case of the Mondays

It was a fabulous weekend despite spending an eternity in an Apache Junction urgent care lobby where I probably caught a slew of trailer park diseases that will make me want to smoke Marlboro Reds and drink Natty Ice on my front lawn while soaking my feet in my plastic above ground pool calling it a pedicure.

Obviously these are my neighbors enjoying their own spa day in this scenario

On Friday, VIP and I enjoyed sushi, the Suns and a little Wii 100 pin bowling with N & S, who finally got engaged on Saturday {can I say 'finally'?}. Big cupcake dreams and congratulations to both of you! I lurve you both so much, it's annoying :P

Saturday we had planned to spend the day in VIP's yard pulling weeds {true story} and riding quads, but ended up obtaining drugs for a non-strep sore throat instead {refer to above mentioned scenario, complete with photo}. So, when Sunday rolled around, we all went to the QC to do what we had intended to do the previous day.

Pull weeds. Mow lawn. Ride quad. Eat frozen yogurt. Kick a soccer ball. Toss the frisbee. Play football. Enjoy the sunshine. Love Sunday.

May your week fly by quickly so the weekend can arrive with new adventures. Cheers!

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