Day 3


I purchased a love seat for my patio in January. I covered it in purple floral sheets, added a coffee table, outdoor lights, and pretty hanging flowers. I did this with the intention of spending a lot of time outback this spring. However, the unpredictable Arizona weekend weather had a different idea.

It rained. And poured. And drizzled. And hailed. And continued to rain until last weekend.

I was certain that it would rain this past weekend simply because I had made plans to finally catch my zzz's in the sunshine. As events turned out, I didn't nap on my patio yesterday. I napped on VIP's lawn. Sort of. I laid down. That's going to have to count.

I'm not now, nor have I ever been, a nap person. I don't nap. What was I thinking putting this on my list of things to do!? The only time I have ever napped was when I was pregnant; I'd fall asleep wherever, whenever, however, at any time. In fact, by the time A rolled around, that's how I knew I was pregnant. There was no peeing on a stick, I'd randomly fall asleep mid-day, wake up to realize I'd just napped, and start buying maternity clothes. Seriously.

I tried. I laid down and everything.

But the day is just too beautiful to sleep through.

This is me. 27 days before 30. Unsuccessfully napping.

Random Sunshine:
That was the best use of a Sunday afternoon ever.

After an entire day spent with the kids outside pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, playing soccer, football, and tossing a frisbee, I'm most thankful for VIP. He boosted R's confidence, took us for quad rides, and put up with all of us, ALL day, and still said it was fun.

30 Before 30 continues with Day 4: Stay tuned!

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