Day 2

Ever since I was asked to bring the chips to a poker game and responded with, "Should I bring salsa too?" I've not only thought that someone's brilliant idea to name game pieces after snack foods was a horrible idea, but I've been obsessed with learning how to play the game - there are snacks involved.

After a long Saturday afternoon in Urgent Care, VIP still managed to teach me a thing or two about poker and cards. Deal, bet, check, flop, turn, river, fold. I can't play fast and I'm certainly no where near ready to play with people, but I get the general idea.

Since we didn't have chips; poker, tortilla, or any other kind for that matter, we played with conversational hearts leftover from Valentine's Day. I won exactly one hand. There's no beginner's luck here, but at least now I can watch the big boys play it on television and not be so lost.

Will you bet my Valentine?

This is me. 28 days before 30. Working on my poker face.

I won the next hand.

Random Sunshine:
Smitten kitten. Even in the urgent care lobby.

Brother, who went to my house, climbed through a window, and risked his hands being gnawed off by two sweet chihuahua's who needed to go potty while I was sitting in an urgent care lobby with VIP {who does NOT have strep throat, for the record} for four hours in trailerville, Apache Junction.

30 Before 30 continues with Day 3: Stay tuned.

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