Day 1


I've been obsessed with Paris since I was five and saw the Eiffel Tower on PBS. Ask my mother. OBSESSED. At five years old, my mission in life became quite clear. A dozen years later, through the magic of music and family support, I made it. To Paris. France. EEK! I paid $40 American dollars to climb atop the Eiffel Tower and it was worth every American penny. Seventeen years old and I was on top of the world. Literally.

My obsession hasn't even slightly subsided; I took four years of French in high school, I adore Leslie Caron, and my favorite food is french fries, so it was an easy choice when browsing Netflix's foreign section. Since I was brought up in an environment that was "Go Big or Go Home", I took it it one step further by making a French meal to boot! Yes sirree, I'm a fancy girl.

This is me. 30 days from 30. Making crepes.

Bon appetit!

Thirty minutes later, with the help of my Sous Chef, VIP ~ Voila! Tomato and spinach crepes {which in my house is always pronounced "creepies"}, mushroom soup, and a red wine from the vineyards of France, purchased at Fresh & Easy. It was really quite tasty and the flavors were the perfect compliments to each other. I will be posting the recipes on my food blog as I wish for Nutella to spread on my leftover crepes for breakfast.

I chose a movie that was lighter than my dinner. Hors de Prix {translates to Priceless}. Why? Based on the tag line she only dated men with money... until she met a man with heart, which reminded me a little of Pretty Woman {and it was a little Pretty Woman-ish, with a french twist} and the fact that the poster was Tiffany blue-slash-Madonna Material Girl {best music video evah!}, it was an easy choice. A "no-think", four star film with a happy ending. Perfect.

To fulfill my promises...

Anderson Cooper guest starred on Sesame Street yesterday. His co-hosts were Dan Rathernot and Walter Cranky. This made me literally laugh out loud.

Coffee. After a late night with St. Patrick and cohorts, I was definitely grateful for coffee. And VIP, who made the coffee for me before heading out the door. He supports my habit.

We eventually sat at the table. With napkins.

Since I had that scheduling conflict we discussed yesterday, you can look for 30 Before 30: Day 2 on Sunday. 30 days to go!

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  1. Your mother vouches for your OBSESSION! Truly . . . you might even have been four!