TGIF Eve. The Fun Begins!

Although, it's technically 30 Before 30 Eve, I'm starting tonight due to a scheduling conflict with tomorrow. Hey, I'm supposed to still have a life outside of countdowns and glittery calendars, right? Besides, everyone knows that not everything works out like it does on paper and as a single parent, flexibility is second nature.

So, it shouldn't be shocking to learn that I work best following rules set forth by myself, I am an Aries, you know. On that note, here's what I've regulated for me, at minimum: one blurb, one random thought, one line of gratitude, 3 photos. Always posted no more than 24 hours post event. Good deal? I think so.

Day 1: Look for the review manana. In the meantime...

This week has been a week of sunshine! I normally don't like spring break, but this year, it's been fantastic. The kids have been exceptionally behaved and there hasn't been a cloud in the sky for days. The two things that make mama happiest ~ well behaved children who play in the sunshine all day. Not only does this make for quiet indoor living, but it makes for quiet & clean indoor living. Not to mention that they sleep better after they've sunned themselves on the swing set. So, hooray to Spring Break 2010!

Last night, VIP and I enjoyed Fibber McGee's St. Patrick's Day Festival with friends and siblings {his, not mine} and I declared it the best St. Patty Day ever! Of course, I have no comparisons as I've never done the whole St. Patrick's Day thing before, but we're over looking that slight technicality. My green kicks arrived just in time to save me from pinches.

In addition to my countdown events, tomorrow night is sushi night at Blue Wasabi in Gilbert {if you haven't been, I suggest it!}, Saturday is VIP day and on Sunday, I fully intend on challenging my kids to a street frisbee tournament followed by a first birthday party. On Monday, we return to our regular scheduled programming of school and work. Oh pooh. Let's try not to think about it.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend full of giggles and glitter! Cheers!


  1. Blue Wasabi is my favorite!! The Krusty Krab roll rules.

  2. I love me a Krusty Krab roll!! I may have to get that for dinner tonight. Along with a Catepillar and an Eating Nemo, I may not eat until Tuesday!