Happy TGIF Eve

Here we are again, posting for Friday on a Thursday morning. Happy Friday Eve!

With so much to do in the next 24 hours, I'm feeling so crunched for time that my motivation level is actually shutting down and ignoring the To Do list as a self preservation method from feeling too overwhelmed. Nothing like knowing you'll be scrambling your brains last minute, but not really doing anything to avoid it. Instead of cleaning baseboards, walls and cupboard doors today, I'll be catching up on Facebook, American Idol, and nursing the migraine from hell: day four. Can't I just hire someone to throw this party for me?

Since it's mostly an outdoor soiree, I adorned my patio with a cute loveseat {covered in even cuter sheets for fun} and a coffee table {I found both for $10 each. iRock bargains}, fresh flowers, wind chimes, a fancy strand of white outdoor lights, a few candles, custom made corn hole, and a fire pit. I also hired my landscapers to clean up the backyard {I will post photos of all after they've been here}. Now if I could find a guy to come tend to the swing set for me, life outback would be perfection.

Tomorrow nights smash had also given me a new reason to restart a project that I began last summer: Living Room Re-Create. Here are a few snapshots of what's happened in our living room in the last two weeks.

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I'm still on the look out for a rug, an oversized arm chair, and a new lamp, but for now, this is pretty good. Eventually, I will refinish my cedar chest and hang a corner shelf for my media boxes. Also in the future, for my 30th birthday, since no one is on board for Missi's Maiden Voyage to Vegas, I will most likely happy birthday present myself a flat panel television. I figure if I'm going to sit home on my birthday, I deserve to watch Iron Chef in high def. Even though I don't really watch television all the much, I am excited to upgrade based on the simple fact that I'll be able to see Steve Nash that much better.

Until then, I'm awaiting the afternoon that I can nap on my patio loveseat in the sunshine. Cheers to a three-day weekend, relaxation, and lots of sunshine!

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