It's been a rough week for all of us. There's really never a dull moment, we don't just say that.

While the kids are doing fabulously well, the Big Mama Drama started on Tuesday with the inevitable phone call letting Mom know that Grams needs to be moved to the Ladies Club {aka Alzheimer's Wing}. However, out of subconscious protest on Thursday, Grams decided to unleash the Southern Belle within and get her jollies with the hunky EMT's instead. This, of course, only lead to several long hours in the ER and an extended stay in the hospital. Every test, lab, scan, EKG, MRI, and NFL are all suspect {are you paying attention?}. Until the results are in, we're just happy she continues to bless us with her smile continually throughout the day, you know, when she's not falling asleep mid-sentence, speaking foreign languages, or asking where the cat is, the one they're supposed to scan at 12:15.

Weekend plans for me include hospital visits, a bottle of Fetzer, sleeping in, reading, retail therapy and lunch with my ladies. Hopefully the weekend brings all of you sunshine, sparkles, and satisfaction. Cheers!

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