You Look Marvelous

Some people keep track of their lives by recording significant events in journals, diaries, and more recently, blogs. I have a friend who has every single journal she has kept since she could write. Volumes and volumes of memories neatly organized in chronological order on bookshelves in her bedroom. This is not me. I write all the good stuff down on post-it notes, toss 'em in a shoe box, and tell myself that someday I will order these and put them in a scrapbook. This "someday", however, will most likely not come and I'm well aware of that. However, it's good to come across that box every so often, grab a handful of yellow squares, and read the funny things my kids have said or done or be reminded of a few great moments that happened to me.

Like all people, I have bad days. I had a horrible day last Monday and there wasn't a whole lot that could help, except an army of assistants and unfortunately, I was told that Walgreen's had sold out the night before. So, on this particular bad day, I was trying to think of some fabulous things to tell myself to get me through the To Do list from hell and as I did so, I noticed that the things I was telling myself were compliments I had received from others, which, brings me to this morning's bright idea: You Look Marvelous and Other Pick Me Ups.

My 2010 project {I hate resolutions} is a compliment compilation; a little sunshine to read on a bad day because sometimes, all it takes is a little "you look marvelous" to get you through a tough few minutes. Instead of post-it's, I was thinking of posting them on my website or maybe keeping a book. Either way, wish me luck in the organization...

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