Case of the Moondays

Oh Monday, why do you always have to ruin a perfectly good weekend? Although, with the start of another week, I'm one week closer to living out my kind of paradise.... More on that later.

Over the weekend eGAD cupcakeried a baby shower in Mesa. It was my first order from a stranger {stranger danger, kids} and in exchange for actual dollars. I think Mrs. McE was as excited as I was. I hope they were as delicious as they looked....

State Fair cake on top {apple cake, cream cheese filling and frosting with a caramel drizzle}, and 2 dozen each of Life's Lemons {lemon cake, raspberry frost}, GS Cookie Samoa {chocolate cake, caramel center, with a coconut, chocolate, and caramel topping}, and Vanilla Raspberry {vanilla cake, seedless raspberry curd, and light whipped vanilla frost with fresh raspberry}. A huge thank you is extended to Mrs. McE for supporting Green Apple Design!

This was my only cupcakery event over the weekend, but I did some networking, some eating, some shopping, some catching up with friends, and some wedding planing. I'm also working on a mock bridal shoot for A Thousand Words Photography. I can't wait!

New kicks. Green Apple Style.

J, Me, H, and N at Postino's

In other news, there are big things a'brewin' in the Howard-Green Chateau, for which I suppose you'll have to stay tuned for an announcement at a later date. You want clues? I'm not getting married, I'm not having a baby, and I didn't win the lottery. Do your own deductions.

Also, big hugs {sympathetic and congratulatory simultaneously} to my kids who are supposedly anxiously awaiting the arrival of yet another sibling {if you read the above, you already know it's not mine}. YAHOO! *This news has yet to be confirmed by the parents-to-be, but my kids have yet to make something big up. Although, it would be nice to hear it straight from the donkey's mouth.

Cheers to a fabulous, sparkly week!


  1. Hmmmm . . . inquiring minds want to know.

  2. wow lots going on! Those cuppycakes look phenominal!!! Since I am not allowed to plan MY baby shower I have already passed your info along to my lovely "sister in law" in hopes that she will get my very obvious hint that I want your cuppycakes at my shower!! lol Hmmm I am guessing the news has to do something with MoViNg? A certain special someone moving in, or your clan moving?! Am I warm?! :) Miss you Missi! Its been far too long!

  3. Geezus Jenn! It's been FOREVER! I'm hoping I see you at 2pm today...