Yay Friday!

Monday night was the first highlight of my week. The sixth season of Weeds premiered ~ WHOA! If you've been eating fondant from under a rock, I suggest you get out, get a Netflix account and watch the first season online now, Now, NOW!

I have a love/hate relationship with the supermarket. I love making our weekly menus, I love making lists, and I love shopping. I hate running errands {essentially the supermarket is an errand} and I hate toting my kids around in the heat. Because we ran out of time to get our weekly shopping done in person, I had my groceries delivered on Tuesday from When the delivery came, I had completely forgotten that I had even ordered groceries in the first place! AWESOME. My only challenge is getting over the feeling that I forgot to do something this week.

Our first date. Sadly, there was no coffee involved.

My Friday Eve {aka Thursday} started out with a surprise in-home Starbucks date with VIP. Any man who drives 45 minutes to show up at my door at 6:45 am on Thursday morning with a Starbucks and a smile wins the Missi Lotto. Who has the best boyfriend ever? ME! My Friday Eve {aka Thursday} ended with a pedi and much needed dishing ~ sans the sink. Love me some Mrs. T! And in case she forgot, I'm talking about you, H!

And now we can party like it's Friday at Green Apple Design! In 24 hours, I've baked a two layer red velvet cake and a small cupcake order ~ both for birthday parties this weekend and both will have photos posted AFTER the celebrating has ended. Happy 30th Birthday, JL and Happy 6th Birthday, AP ~ may you have your cake and eat it too!

This weekend, I have planned two days of reclaiming my former Potato Queen title from my former teenage years spent on the couch. Before next week's big storm o'cake, I'm in for an entire weekend of cabin, movies, and VIP, who was already informed that anything beyond getting up off the couch to shower was a stretch. Here's hoping the coffee fairy visits Pinetop!

May you all have a beautiful weekend with something to celebrate!

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