I get TWO Fridays this week. Today is my Friday at work and tomorrow is Friday for the rest of the world. That rocks.

Over the past couple of days, I've been working on Sweet Sampler collections for the next four months, wedding planning, florist portfolios, expanding the cupcakery, taking orders, adding vendors to the list, and keeping up with three kids, my day job, organizing my house, and a multitude of schedules. Thankfully, I bought my very first label maker this past Tuesday and have been going insane with it ever since. We're to the point where my kids run and hide when they see me coming because in just 4 short hours, I had to replace the paper cartridge. People were labeled, things were labeled, appliances were labeled, even Vegas was labeled "CAT", but she didn't appreciate nearly as much as I did. My CDO {which is like OCD, but in alphabetical order, the way it should be} is thoroughly satisfied.

As many of you have already read, one of my very best friends got married this month in Cancun and to celebrate here in the states, her parents are hosting a Mr. and Mrs. Open House this weekend. I'm so honored to be creating her wedding cake and cupcake display that I can hardly stand the excitement! Here's the math on that one: 150 cupcakes, 15 hours, 5 flavors, 4 tiered stand, 3 different fillings, 2 tiered cake, and 1 Kitchenaid. It's no wonder that the good Lord rested on Sunday. I'm just making cakes; I can't imagine making an entire universe in seven days. Over achiever agree that THAT seems a bit ridiculous.

Don't forget Green Apple Design is hosting a 20% off sale ~ the Sweet Sampler Box #1: "The Fancy". 1 dozen equally assorted cupcakes in Champagne Toast, Strawberries n'Cream, White Russian, and Birthday Cake ii for $20/box. Place your orders by RSVP'ing on Facebook or by sending an email to We ship throughout the contiguous United States, S & H charges apply. Look for Sweet Sampler #2: "The Donut Collection" in August!

As for the remaining time I have before Monday morning, you'll find me sleeping. Cheers to a weekend of delightful aromas, sweet cakes, and good friends!

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