Case of the Moondays

A serious case of the Moondays has hit. It's hot, it's humid, there's a leak in my ceiling, I didn't sleep well last night, and having worked my tush off all weekend, I'm in no mood to be working today too. Thank goodness I'm surrounded by sweet smiles at my day job, which has a PJ's permitted dress code and I can drink coffee until the cows come home.

Over the weekend, I made a two-tiered wedding cake; white russian on the bottom, champagne toast on the top {Note to Mrs. T ~ Do not eat that top tier if you're pregnant this time next year! Just sayin'}, 160 cupcakes in three different flavors, and a custom display tree. 17 baking hours later...

BAM! Wedding Reception Success!

Must say I'm a little impressed with myself; it turned out even better than I had pictured in my head, which to me says, I should up the ante. The tres leche coconut cupcakes with dulce de leche buttercream takes home the first place prize for the evening. I really should have quadrupled those! Like all things new, I learned, I filed away for later, and then I screamed, in my best Ringo voice, "I've got blisters on my fingers!"

Many a thank you to my two lovely assistants ~ you kept me sane, you kept me moving, and you did the dishes! I'm incredibly thankful for my VIP who did most of those hundreds dishes, played Tetris with my refrigerator, spray painted, brought home lunch, and said he was proud of me; sometimes that's all you need to hear to fall asleep happy.

Upcoming this week: A Dr. Seuss cake, a bunny cake, 3 sweet sampler boxes, and a mock bridal photo shoot. Cheers to a busy, creative week!

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