Friday, this week, came a little early for me and not a moment too soon. With a much ado happening over the next three days, I could use a day away from my "real" job.

Tonight, Green Apple Design heads into the kitchen to prep and prepare for a highly anticipated bachelorette party to be held this weekend. Cosmopolitan cupcakes and some surprise snacks for the star of the show {who reads this blog, so you all will have to wait until snacking has commenced before I will reveal} will be made over the next 72 hours. I can't wait!

Friday and Saturday are days of errands to run, places to go, people to see, and things to eat. Hopefully, I'll get some downtime on Sunday, but with three kids running a'muck, I highly doubt I'll see downtime until July 9th.

In other news, Green Apple Design welcomed Cookie J.'s CAKEPOPS! and Krista Campbell Photography to the family. More preferred vendors, venues, and things to check out are coming soon! Thank you to everyone who became fans of Green Apple Design on Facebook and on Twitter this week! Please make sure to share it with your friends and retweet me!

I wish you all a relaxing weekend because heaven knows, I won't be seeing one for a while. Cheers!

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