Mid-Week Update

Over the weekend, I sent my Super Mom cape to the dry cleaner's (it had blackberry jam hand prints on it) and I didn't get it back until this morning. So, for the past few days I've been posing as ' Regular Mom' and, well, it hasn't been going well. Regular Mom forgot to post Monday's usual! She apologizes.

This past Saturday, I made a new connections for Green Apple Design; florist, caterer, musician, and photographers. I'm so excited! At this rate, I'll be able to post a preferred vendor list in the next few weeks. I also managed to design business cards and have taken several cupcake/cake orders to fulfill over the next 17 months and have been hired to plan several birthday parties in the East Valley. It's all a work in progress, but I suspect that I'll have a beautiful online portfolio available for your viewing pleasure very soon (website in progress).

After a long weekend of eating and eating and eating and eating... I'm full. Since when did Father's Day become The Glutton Bowl 2010 Summer Games? Steak, salmon, chicken, mashed potatoes, crazy open faced sandwiches, salads, cake, pizza, wings, froyo, sushi, burritos, the kitchen sink..... I hope all the daddies I am so blessed to know, thoroughly enjoyed their day.

It's been nothing but working off those calories since I woke up on Monday morning. Last night, after dinner with my parents and children, I had a date with my 6-year old son who only wanted to go to the bookstore and get a Gatorade. He is certainly my child.

There's something magical about watching your child get excited about books. R picked out several Reader Level 1 books, but he also chose a Goosebumps book and the first book in The Boxcar Children series. We can't wait to read one chapter every night before bed with his sisters. I also picked up a few movies, my two favorites being The Happiest Millionaire (who doesn't love John Davidson?!) and my most favorite version of Alice in Wonderland.

To my most favorite person in the whole wide universe, J. McVIP (we're fancy today): While sometimes, I'd like to have my personality back, I'm happy to share it with you. Wishing you the happiest of all the birthdays shared today across the globe.
I lurve you <3>

Cheers to Wednesday!

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