It's been a week.

Wednesday, VIP and I went to see Daughtry in Glendale. It was quite the drive, but well worth it. Lifehouse opened, I've seen them before, so I knew I could expect a decent show. Daughtry, however, excellent. He made it about 3/4 of the way through before creeping me out by making a Forrest face. Why didn't I marry Daughtry instead? I DEMAND a do-over! My kids would look the same...

Is it Forrest or Daughtry?

Thursday was less than pleasant. Over exhausted, not feeling well {I swear Vegas slept on my face}, and dealing with six babies is not fun. It's even less fun when there's vomit, urine, pureed vegetables, and snot involved. Let's just say, I stayed up late thoroughly cleaning every crevice of my house, washing cat hair off my sheets, and getting vomit out of my carpet. Friday cannot be worse than Thursday.

It's been almost one week since I laminated my life and the kids have been doing surprisingly well with our weekly To-Do List. Since I hated being told what to do {still do} as a kid, I have an unconventional way of engineering the daily necessities. The tasks on our To-Do list are each assigned a dollar amount {between $0.10 and $0.50} and the kids just do what they want to do, but they all have to be done. The less desirable chores earn more coins and the things I expect them to do {homework, good listening, and making their bed} aren't worth anything. However, if they do all three all week, they get an extra topping on their frozen yogurt. This week, A raked in top dollar and everyone gets two toppings! The kids also completed their homework at school, earning themselves two p-diddy's. Yay! Nothing says happy household like organization and clean sheets. I love clean sheets.

On to the weekend. Hooah! Tonight, I plan on enjoying good sushi in good company {lurve me some N & S!}. There's nothing on Saturday's agenda and I'm quite looking forward to it. On Sunday, I'm thinking we'll put one of my many venue memberships to use ~ so many options!

Cheers to a beautiful, relaxing, weekend!

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  1. omg I am still so jealous you got to go see my man... lol Sorry my lil Brooke made your week a little more stressful :( Hopefully this week will bring you lots of sunshine and happiness! Kudos on your kids helping out!!! I need to set up my very own laminated board :)