Case of the Mondays

I really need to work on this bedtime thing...

Friday bedtime: 3:30 am. I spent the night slaving over a hot stove. Kidding, I spent it happily dancing around my kitchen with icing in my hair, cake batter on my pants, and Kings of Leon on the stereo. The end result: a gorgeous vanilla almond cake with a dulce de leche filling covered with a vanilla buttercream icing and white chocolate seashells. My bestest H is having a beach wedding in the Mexican Caribbean, so I thought it only appropriate to have a cake to match the occasion. Muchos gracias to VIP who kept me awake, kept me sane, and cleaned up after me. It would have been a much later bedtime without my sous chef.

Saturday bedtime: 1:45am. After a morning of bridal bliss, VIP and I met with friends and family at Fibber's to watch the Suns take on {and get pummeled by} the Trail Blazers, which turned into an evening spent at The Skybox for karaoke. OMG it was a fun night.

Yesterday, I made a new chore chart for the kids and so far, it works beautifully. Everyone is participating, chores have been completed, beds are being made, and there have been excellent listening skills demonstrated for a consecutive 15 hours.

To organize the New Chore Chart of Fun and Money, I purchased a set of brand new dry erase markers. One in every color. Eeeek! I get uber excited over stationary. Pens, pencils, and post-its, oh my! Staples is my Disneyland, Office Depot my mecca, and Kinkos' my heaven. I wanted to make the chore chart erasable and in my adventures to make that happen, I discovered that you can laminate ANYTHING at Kinko's, not just chore charts. Cards, keys, money, to-do lists, your children, oh yes, you can bet I'll have laminated my life by the end of the week. I kid you not.

VIP and I also went to Yogurtland yesterday. Plain Tart + Nerds = Happiness for $0.37 an Ounce. I would marry the man who invented frozen yogurt. Just sayin'.

After living on minimal sleep for four nights in a row, I tried to go to bed at 10:20 last night, but was unsuccessful. I couldn't breathe, I was hot, I was cold, I was restless, A woke up with nightmares, and Vegas made enemies outside the window, which woke up E. The alarm went off at 6am and all I wanted to do was sleep. Thank goodness for coffee. I think tonight, I'll aim for an early bedtime. Wish me luck.

I have a long week of late nights ahead of me, with a minor break on hump day. Laminating, markers, and the anticipation of Daughtry, could my week get any better?! I've been waiting for Wednesday since I bought tickets back in January. I heart Daughtry. I heart center stage, 14th row, floor seats.

Cheers to the week! May yours be laminated in love...

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