Day 25


Not this kind of river!
Rio Verde, AZ

I had a date tonight with a short, chubby, sweet, charming, snuggly man with the silliest smile, the brightest ideas, the reddest hair, and beautiful hazel eyes.... just like his mom. It's not often that I get to spend time with just my son, so I'm always extremely grateful for the stolen moments that we do get.

We dropped the girls off with BEE and headed to the theater to see How To Train Your Dragon. The movie was A.MAZ.ING. The time spent with just my son was even better! Of course, now we have to get a dragon...

This kind of River!

The girls enjoying an evening at Auntie BEE's

This is me. 5 days before 30. Best date night ever!

Random Sunshine:
River: "Mom, can I go to Dallas, Textas?" Yup folks, we are definitely in a digital age. Welcome.

BEE who so graciously volunteered to take my girls in while I took my boy out. Thanks doll! Lurve :)

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