Day 26


My kids are weird. They were so surprised and uber ecstatic to know that our dinner menu last night was chips, pop, and egg salad sandwiches. Apparently, a few weeks ago, they had enjoyed eating Grams' ESS so much, they were exclaiming things like, "This is delicious" and "Yum-o". Then they promptly informed Mimi that, "Mommy can eat these, there's no meat!" Funny thing is, I stopped making ESS's a year ago because no one would eat them! I guess what goes around, does eventually come back around...

After our tasty surprise dinner, we looked up dragons on YouTube and decided to get a cat. How about that?!

Now that's a happy face!

We love dinner. Thanks, Mom!

Perfect example of why we don't normally eat Cheeto's... at the dinner table.

This is me. 4 days before 30. Whoa freckles.

Random Sunshine:
Frozen yogurt. More specifically, Yogurt Jungle in Queen Creek. A cup of euro tart topped with nerds ~ there's nothing better!

I'm so thankful for everything I survived, failed, conquered, and created in my 20's, it molded me into this person who is about to enter her 30's with a little more wisdom, a little more confidence, and a little more hooah. Only 3 days to go! EEEEEE!

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