Day 24


I have a huge fear of changing light bulbs. I've attempted it twice and both times, the bulb broke; once in my hand, once on the tile floor below me. Blood happened and band aids were required both times. Icky. If I can't find someone to replace the bulb for me, I just live in the dark. My garage lights have been out for over a year and I'm not bothered by it. However...

I never got around to changing a bulb today. After the world's longest, but most exciting day, yesterday, I took it uber easy today. I woke up after 8, met H for coffee, dropped Higley off with his new family, did the supermarket sweep, got frozen yogurt with VIP and picked up the kids.

Because I got up yesterday at 4:45am and wore my contacts all day, I bruised my left eyeball and therefore....

This is VIP. 6 days before I turn 30. Photo bombing.

Random Sunshine:
We're Facebook official.

Independence. I make my own decisions, whether or not they're the best decisions, they're mine and I own them. Skydiving was one of my better decisions. Not ever joining the John Mayer Fan Wagon was my bestest.

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